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Aisin-gioro Pu Yi Is Dead

One hundred years ago, I lived in the Forbidden City.  From 7th February 1906 to 17th October 1967, my spirit was known by the name Aisin-gioro Pu Yi, the Xuan Tong Emperor.   884 more words

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From Past To Present

So, let me tell you about my past life, from here, to now. I’ve had many lives, from the dinosaur age to the present day. But I shall tell about my last one, to now. 1,287 more words

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My Past Life as a Beipiaosaurus

Before I was human, before my soul took the form of a jackal, before almost anything…

I was a dinosaur. More specifically, a therizinosaurus.

And even more specifically, Beipiaosaurus. 709 more words

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Never judge anyone

A doctor entered the hospital in hurry after being called in for an urgent surgery    of        a            young            boy. 

He found the boy’s father pacing in the hall waiting for the doctor. 831 more words

Surekha Kothari


On January 6, 2005, a train carrying toxic chlorine gas derailed in Graniteville, SC killing nine people and injuring about 250 others.

At the time I heard about this incident, I was waiting at O’Hare International Airport for what would be my last flight to London to date, after having spent a miserable summer and winter back in South Carolina. 634 more words

Memory Fragment/ Day Out

While trying unsuccessfully to sleep last night, I had another flash of memory from John’s life, probably around the Summer of 1915.

I was looking out of the trench at some barbed wire stakes very near my position.   398 more words

Let's not go over all that again

My hypnotherapist said I should think about undergoing a course of ‘past-life’ therapy.

I told her I was once a 4th century Latvian prostitute and I’d really prefer not to relive that particular episode.