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Definitely feeling moody.  Seems to happen this time of year.

It’s been almost 99 years since that stupid battle.  The things I recalled can’t be un-seen though.   195 more words

Who you are (past life)

There is much debate on the subject of reincarnation, if you are one of the non believers , well this isnt really for you but i hope you find entertainment in this none the less. 322 more words

I have fear
fear is strength 
and weakness 
I have my rest
in agony
Haunted by
from a past
life that 
i do not… 14 more words


Some Thoughts

Just some random thoughts on Philip K. Dick’s ideas on what time actually is and his alternatives to reincarnation.

-If I was Phil, then I might have already written down everything I needed to know.   436 more words


India is suddenly waking up to this word. Accountability in politics has become one of the most burning issues today. But accountability is or shall I say, should be an all pervasive word and in every walk of life. 395 more words

Surekha Kothari


One of the things that made me question whether my memory of a partly-obstructed view of the railway line was possible from John’s window as a child is the fact that there is another terrace of houses behind the trace of six he lived in.   174 more words

A Gnostic Saint?

It seems like the ultimate histrionic claim to say that one is quite possibly an emanation of a Gnostic saint.  I am still betting that I am not, and that sooner or later, I will disprove my claims to having been Philip K. 506 more words