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A Past Life Regression - Finding a Soul Mate.


I entered the lifetime behind a donkey sliding down a narrow, steep winding pathway on the side of a hill. It was hot, dusty and dry and daytime. 1,825 more words


To Have It Written Down

New couple, old couple, eternal pair.

New mission, old mission, all in the end is just the same,

Illusion of choice, of love, of freedom. 148 more words


Incarnation, our Parallel Lives

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In 563 BC, a prince named Siddhārtha Gautama was born into a Hindu family in what is now modern day Nepal. 846 more words

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Why do certain people get your goat...

Have you ever met someone who you took an instant dislike to for no particular reason at all? Probably more of a female thing than a male thing… I mean when you are first introduced to this person (and they may even be on their best behaviour at this stage), yet you just instinctively want absolutely nothing to do with them. 881 more words

Personal Journey

Is this the real life or just fantasy?

once a women told me
she had a dream
back in ancient Greece
that I was her teacher
philosophy or so it seemed
then she kinda stopped… 488 more words


Reincarnation Stories - Real History of Spirits and their Past Lives

We now have a new section in our NorthWest Spiritism blog; Reincarnation Stories – where we find histories of past lives from people mentioned in Spiritist’s books. 31 more words


Progress Has Nothing to Do With Time

Proud of the fact that you have an obviously higher intellect than a lot of people? Think that you have automatically made progress from your past lives, or on the other hand, that you are being punished in some way, or have to endure some negative things, because of crimes or misdeeds in a past life? 202 more words