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Soul Contracts, Free Will and Destiny

Can you tell me about Soul Contracts?  What happens when they aren’t fulfilled?  How do they get drawn up?  Do we write them, or do our Guides write them for us?  673 more words


Time Shift

I don’t have more to say.  I receive more insights than I can ever express…and as a result, by default…I have less to say about it. 1,078 more words


Jane Air, and Alternate Memories

Strange, isn’t it, how some images just – I was going to say catch your eye, but it’s more than that, they grab your vitals and won’t let go. 44 more words

Favourite Images

Carcassone...War, in Words


…’sone’, I rang the word through my thoughts, in soft, accented, French: ‘Carcass…oanne’

And stepped purposefully, from the low lying, graffiti-ed French train, into a miniature harbour port. 1,577 more words

Tory Offers Deep DNA Readings, Activations, Past Lives - Past Life Clearings - Host Elizabeth Diamond - 12-14-14


Elizabeth Diamond

Description: You Are not reading this by accident!! Welcome, my brothers and sisters:
Diamondsforever31.blogspot.com, for Going Beyond Awakening!!
The Diamonds Forever 31 show is Every Sat 2pm ET, Attend via skype or… 118 more words


Friday Foundation:  On Violence, Past Lives, Womb Wounds, What it Means

Past-life sex priestess…Womb wounds…What it means

I have quite a few memories of past lives, from a young sensual woman during a period of ease and abundance on the African savanna, to a teen girl in romance in Scotland, a young girl child on a farm somewhere in feudal Europe, a woman burned at the stake, a just-deceased Euro-American pioneer mother wife to a Native man hated by her parents who tortured him to death, a woman in Cochise’s tribe at the time they were told they’d be removed from their land by train and taken away, and more. 3,129 more words

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