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Past life and reincarnation

It’s hard to actually get some sort of factual figure of the number of people on planet earth who believe in reincarnation, certainly the Theosophists, Spiritualists and followers of Eckankar, along Hindu’s for which reincarnation is a core belief. 240 more words

Past Life Regression

Poem: Cozy Rain

Rain is tapping
its cozy rhythm
on the window.
I feel peaceful,
safe and
another time,
from another
life, is
tenderly… 12 more words


Healing Yourself by Changing Your Past


Part One

Getting the feel that your past is optional

Numerous alternative healing therapies give clients the opportunity to examine the past. Some modalities even allow the client to explore events they don’t even re-call. 1,655 more words

Past Lives

A Medium or just well done? More on Karma.

In last week’s post I mentioned about a man I know in this life who caused me some distress in my first marriage. Also how I came across him in a couple of past lives and still needed to know where we stood as it were. 2,424 more words

How I Met Talitha

I lay on the floor of my living room in Wisconsin, a phone headset covering my ears. My friend, Kelly, was on the other end of the line, doing energy healing for me. 313 more words

Writer's Life

Across the ocean I brought a dog

She sleeps and I can hear her barking, I can see her running in her sleep.

What is she dreaming of?

Is she barking to the rabbits she used to chase in the old garden or to the raccoon she saw two nights ago? 106 more words

Past Lives