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Charm uncaptured by camera
An ease and air of assurance
A vulnerable pout and contagious smile
Can make anyone laugh or cry
Indifferent to either outcome… 60 more words


The Pedestal

Eyes declaring beauty
Breathlessness gasping sexiness
Hungry hands praising curves
Smile proclaiming intention
Tongue alleging talent

Confidence blooms in her, to mirror
the awe that every inch of him exclaims… 91 more words


Unexpected Surprise

It’s funny how you expect your day to go one way and then suddenly, you get a curve ball that takes you in a whole different direction.   839 more words

Past Relationships

Unlucky for Some...

I once upon a time said I was never going to alter or remove numbers from The List.  I meant it when I said it.  I really did because I never thought for a moment that I would encounter such a fine specimen of bottom-dwelling pond scum that I would have to make such a drastic change. 252 more words


What I Gained The Day I Decided to Not get Married

This is a response to Natasha Craig’s “What I Gave Up the Day I Got Married.” This is not intended to be retaliation or bad spiritedness. 994 more words

Getting To Know Yourself

Why I Hope My Ex Was A Once-In-A-Lifetime Kind Of Love

Yesterday I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile. As we did our quick five-minute catch-up, she asked me how my ex was doing. 901 more words

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This article is the most perfect thing I have read. It is 100% everything I have been trying to put into words about my ex, about my future, and about what I want for myself. I don't want a better half anymore, I want someone to encourage me to be the best me. I loved my relationship with my ex. I loved my ex. And I would be lying if I said he didn't cross my mind every day. It is more of a reminiscence, not a desire for him. Our love was stressful and a constant rollercoaster. I don't want that in my future. I want passion, trust, pure love, and independence.

Life Lessons....Letting Go

Letting go, even if it hurts, doesn’t mean you have to let go of everything. You just have to let go of the person and your feelings for her/him but the memories will always be there whether it’s good or bad. 47 more words

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