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Here's to the one

Here’s to the one who always thought the grass was greener on the other side, regardless of the side I was on.

Here’s to the one who would kiss me while his eyes wandered. 329 more words


Realising that you are not as close to your friends as you thought

At work today, I had a lot of time to think today… I have mentioned before that seeing that one of my exes had gotten engaged gave me me mixed feelings, mostly towards sadness. 316 more words


To the Sea..

I fell in love with the moon, after
only after
I saw her reflection in you.


Rhythm & Prose

A bigger fool you ever did see

I was inspired by a young woman who had been severely burned as a child but was unabashedly showing her scars as a young adult. 1,329 more words

Little Bones

I threw it back in when you accidentally took another out. We didn’t have a lot, just a paper bag filled with enough little things that sometimes one or two spilled out. 113 more words


I can't think of a title...

Nope. A complete blank. I know what I want to write, I just can’t think of a title to fit. Well, one that means anything…so, I will see what happens. 895 more words


Reblog: Relationsh*t

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So, yesterday, I’m talking to my boy Thembi, and I kid you not he says “Haha nah, dawg, u should post on relationships. 1,003 more words


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I found this to be quite a good look at the fast and furious ideals in relationships of our time, the Disney happy ever after effect of high expectations and very little comprise and work ethic. Everyone wants it their own way, and forgets a relationship is physical, emotional and intellectually challenging, it's about working out what your willing to put up with, and accepting that you can't have everything your own way unless your a selfish narc. Or spoilt child. So yes people choose to chase the next exciting thing before leaving the last behind because they are lazy and disrespectful, cheating starts in the mind and is a choice no one needs to make and is never the fault of the soon to be ex partner it's the fault of the person that chooses to over step the boundaries. If a person can't work at a long term relationship without boosting there ego elsewhere, don't have one I say. Remembering the past and glad to have moved on !