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Fear in Relationships

Why is it so much easier to relax into appreciating today, being in fate’s hands and surrendering to your life’s path in certain parts of your life? 141 more words

Fine Art

To my first love-

Hold on when you feel like letting go

I think I followed that too closely, with too many aspects of my life. So, yes, I was hooked on you. 195 more words


Charm uncaptured by camera
An ease and air of assurance
A vulnerable pout and contagious smile
Can make anyone laugh or cry
Indifferent to either outcome… 60 more words


The Pedestal

Eyes declaring beauty
Breathlessness gasping sexiness
Hungry hands praising curves
Smile proclaiming intention
Tongue alleging talent

Confidence blooms in her, to mirror
the awe that every inch of him exclaims… 91 more words


Unlucky for Some...

I once upon a time said I was never going to alter or remove numbers from The List.  I meant it when I said it.  I really did because I never thought for a moment that I would encounter such a fine specimen of bottom-dwelling pond scum that I would have to make such a drastic change. 252 more words