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Reprogramming is the key.....

“Denise, every time she comes around, I swear I find myself back in the same ole place I keep trying to escape!”. I hear this statement often, and not only from guys, from Sistahs as well: the story of repeating bad behavior with the wrong individuals. 383 more words

Her Vulnerability…

How can a conversation with you make me feel like every nerve I poses is exposed to every element?How can you, the man I love, criticize me when I need you to most be supportive?Do you think your crass, ‘humor’ helped anything? 161 more words

April 9th

She’s the girl with the brain,
the whole world to gain.
He’s the boy who cracks a joke,
to hide his family’s really broke.
She hides under her hair, 103 more words


Dear Ex-Boyfriend; Or the sad realization your ex is a jerk

Dear Ex-Boyfriend,

I might be quoting Taylor Swift here, but it’s pretty safe to say that we are never, ever getting back together. You had your chance, but you waited too long to make a move. 439 more words


I remember the first time I saw you. I did a triple-take. You had a peter-pan grin and a stupid beard. I gave up my whole life for you and changed the course of who I was going to be. 450 more words

Just Talking


Taylor Swift is my life artist. I usually can find one song of hers that fits my life or a life situation perfectly. For Man, it’s… 756 more words


Selfies, Wishes and that Boy I'd Always Wonder About

He liked my photo! For the first time ever in my FB history. He finally liked my photo. And he can get away with it ’cause there were many others who liked it as well. 1,413 more words

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