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How buying a phone made me pregnant!

Very few of you would have heard about the ‘Oneplus One‘ phone. You can buy it only if you have an invite. Hari has been looking for an invite for God knows how long. 98 more words


Episodes 49 & 50: The Many Loves of Shamus and the Not-As-Many Loves of Kenny

Kenny and Shamus bring you a double trouble helping of angst as they recount all of their past relationships. That’s right: all of them. That means that if you were left out, then you were not significant enough, and we do not apologize. 185 more words


Weird and awkward "EX"perience

Random stories about my past relationships.

Crazy situations that made me feel awkward and creeped out.

Disclaimer: This might be offensive – could be hilarious or not depending on your point of you. 199 more words

Insecurities are a hell of a thing.

Coming from a long line of boy friends who have purposely worn me down to the root of them, it is very odd dating some one who doesn’t. 288 more words

Apologies, Super Moon, and a Personal Story

First of all, I would like to start off with an apology. I said I was going to share a post about my top 10 favorite crystals, but I sadly did not manage my time well enough to be able to deliver that to you today. 720 more words


Here's to the one

Here’s to the one who always thought the grass was greener on the other side, regardless of the side I was on.

Here’s to┬áthe one who would kiss me while his eyes wandered. 329 more words


Realising that you are not as close to your friends as you thought

At work today, I had a lot of time to think today… I have mentioned before that seeing that one of my exes had gotten engaged gave me me mixed feelings, mostly towards sadness. 316 more words