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When strangers
look at me,
I wonder
if they can see
how you hover
near the surface
of my eyes.
Parts of you
tangle with mine… 129 more words


Time Forgets

I like how time forgets
Remember his truck?
White, wheel wells, Chevy.
After he was gone, dead.
Whenever I saw that truck
My pulse quickened, 147 more words


When everything is falling,
I thought maybe the gravity is working.
How come I can’t feel anything?
Maybe my heart is freezing.

©Ayres Adrienne Canlas


Truly Trusting God: My Testimony

This will be the longest post I ever blog, but the spirit has been moving and I just need to share what’s being said to me. 951 more words


August 21st, 2014

I didn’t know I was lost
I used to know tons of songs and sing them everyday until the neighbors couldn’t handle the torture and my voice cracked… 203 more words


How I Weep

I dreamed that I was in my high school reunion. And again I dreamed of that boy who could have been. In the dream there was a letter from him, asking me to promise to wait for him and to meet him at the party. 755 more words

Cogs And Wheels

Big Love

Over the past few months I’ve been watching my way through the entire Sex and the City series. It’s a guilty pleasure filled with some seriously questionable and sometimes downright wrong opinions and advice. 897 more words