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Oh, Not Much. You?

I swear, every time I go out in public and talk to people, I always get asked “So what have you been up to this summer?” I’m always forced to dumb down my response to, “Oh, not much. 496 more words

Personal Account

The Innocence of Freckles

Being a child of the sun, or so I’ve told myself, I found comfort in finding something hidden that only the sun could bring to the surface. 107 more words

Nothing But the Spring

The fall is coming and with the coming cold, change. The bees are readying the hive for winter; the garden is beginning to show signs of age. 251 more words


Autumn - Creative Collaboration

Before I go on, I would like to sincerely ask for your forgiveness of my mistake within the above poem. I had changed the third stanza, and forgot to take out ‘to’ before ‘anew’. 342 more words


Take Better Care of YOU

Hey, I saw what YOU did. YOU know it too.

YOU knew that by clicking on that item, that name, that person, you knew by inviting their existence back into your life, albeit momentarily, it would bring back a feeling of anxiety. 247 more words