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This very moment, yes right now!

When we give our all to this very moment, this very moment gives all back to us. When we give our all to the past, or to the future, this very moment fades away and the treasure is lost. 145 more words


Visible Lines

The faint white lines
Across your flesh
Always with you
Always there
A map of memories
Drawn out
For all to see
Painted on your skin
Reminders of your past.


ghosts of boyfriends past

The last¬†week or two I have had so many dreams starring the guys I was in relationships with in the past. It’s been bizarre. I feel like Scrooge waiting for the moral of the story to come in while I relive the ghosts of boyfriends past.¬† 257 more words

The Professor dances like a drunken giraffe ... when he was eight (so '93) ...

My “brown box” let me off at a past of mine, so I guess I may be able to check out that playground – well what it was in the past. 105 more words

What was, what is and what will be.

I’ve attempted to blog several times in the past. I have yet to follow through with one single blog for more than a few months worth of posts. 1,234 more words


"Envisioning" Jesus: the past.

Let the cross and the resurrection be the past.
(An orthodox understanding of the cross and resurrection is assumed).

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The past keep haunting me.
I want to escape and forgot.
But it keeps holding me back.
When will I ever be able to move on?