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A few days after Christmas 2007, a traumatic event occured in my life.  It changed the direction of my life, removed a toxic person, and caused me to have to leave my beloved hometown and friends behind me. 277 more words


How could I not remember the sound of your voice
I remember the name of your street
The way it got so icy in the winter… 53 more words

I resign

I quit. And I apologize. I resigned a while ago, but I have since been humbled by your prolonged silence. And if this silence is to be everlasting, I think I could be okay. 168 more words

Not Regretting Our Decisions

“The Other Death” by Jorge Luis Borges

“To modify the past is not to modify a single fact; it is to annul the consequences of that fact, which tend to be infinite. 228 more words


Poem: What is Freedom? That without a past.

In my small slice of time, I’ve learned that each day, there are people who’ll come and softly fade away.
There are those who are there then out in a fright, a firecracker banging once in starlight. 446 more words

My Thoughts

San Francisco

San Francisco is this beautiful, immortal place.
Where people come to rest in their endeavors.
It’s a vacation with a workload.
An office space during the holiday party. 285 more words

Do what comes natural.

Being like an open book is my goal. I have noticed that I am afraid of being my true self. I am conscious of my every move, and all the words that come out of my mouth (How will they affect this person? 187 more words