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Reoccurring dreams

My past appeared
At my doorstep;
She had bruises
On her feet.
I closed the door
On the silence,
The words that
Had already been… 166 more words



O past,

Where is your trace?

What is your identity?

Would you show me your face?

O present,

Why despise all priests?

What people you loathe? 40 more words


searching for the steps

footprints which will leave our marks

maps of where we’ve been

past and present colliding

always searching for new paths

© Dicky J Loweman 2014

Dicky J Loweman

We Are Broken

We walk around this earth hiding ourselves. I mean, not literally, but figuratively, we do. We hide ourselves away, we cloak ourselves in generic terms like “complicated” or “unique”, when we really mean to say there’s parts of us that we don’t really want others to know about. 894 more words



On a wandering bohemian planet

Pixels fall like raindrops

For a soul to indulge in monsoonal inquiries

Washed by the beauty of fruition

And in that dreamlike moment… 17 more words


Rewriting the Past

The past is written by the victor, or whoever is speaking. No-one can ever know the absolute truth without their own filters, so there is no independent truth or rather it is irrelevant. 215 more words

A Disordered Existence