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Pasta with Kale...and More!

Are you looking for something yummy to eat for dinner? Matt and I love this pasta dish! It’s healthy and it tastes oh so good.  Matt actually makes it more than I do but this time, we made it together.  356 more words


{Let's Lunch} Just 3 Ingredients....

Once a month I get to cook/bake with an awesome bunch of bloggers who live all around the world. Each month a theme is announced and then we all get busy and find something that goes with the current theme. 197 more words


Tortellini Pasta Salad

My mother-in-law is known for her pasta salad.

This is not your ordinary pasta salad.

Yes, it’s got noodles.

Yes, it’s got a vinaigrette.

But it is so not ordinary. 227 more words


Chilli Crab Linguine

Where: The Morrison, Sydney
Moment: Lunch treat for my birthday
Verdict: The ambience was beautiful. The birthday thought was greatly appreciated. I needed to add salt on my pasta. Tasted better.


Eggplant Lasagna

I’m all about sneaking in vegetables to unsuspecting places.

This recipe: case in point.

In lieu of noodles, sub in meaty slices of eggplant.

If you don’t tell your family they’re eating eggplant, I promise they won’t ask any questions. 342 more words


Pasta with Spinach-Cannellini-Sauce

Superquick weeknight dinner! I love those easy and quick recipes to whip up when you don’t want to spend half an hour or more cooking. This meal is also protein-packed and healthy (use wholemeal pasta to make it even healthier). 294 more words


Prawn Carbonara

My older daughter requested Prawn Carbonara for dinner tonight. Luckily, we have all the ingredients that we need. Bon appetit!

400 g spaghetti… 121 more words