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HRS At The Annual ADBA National Conference

The 9th of December 2014 the National ADBA Conference took place in Westminster, London. ADBA is the UK Anaerobic Digestion And Bioresources Association of which HRS is a member. 52 more words


Is Raw Milk Safe?

Raw milk is unpasteurized milk usually produced by cows or goats. Sheep’s milk may also be raw. There is a movement of those who believe that the pasteurization process removes a lot of the health benefits, including vitamins. 314 more words

What’s wrong with pasteurized milk?

Before I begin let me ask you this, do you know what they do to your milk before you drink it? Most of you will answer no. 325 more words


Don't Take Beer from Strangers Pt. III: Make it Dark and Cold, Please - Proper Beer Storage!

Hello dear minions,

Welcome to the third part of Don’t Take Beer from Strangers!  Today we’re going to discuss how to properly store beer.

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s postings (especially about Highland Brewery’s Cold Mountain Release Party), and if you happened to miss the Release Party yesterday I hope that you’re able to make it to the Cold Mountain Extravaganza! 926 more words


Stovetop Pasteurization

I make a batch of Yellow Cat Sweet Cider every year and it always needs to be pasteurized. If you want sweet, carbonated cider in bottles without artificial sweeteners, it is pretty much your only option. 642 more words


LMU researchers shows that infants fed on Raw milk rather than UHT cow’s milk are less prone to infection

reports that fresh cow’s milk protects young children from respiratory infections, febrile illness and inflammation of the middle ear

Fresh milk keeps infections at bay… 990 more words

Missed - Medical Breakthroughs

Butter is Divine...Real butter, that is!

Butter makes everything better. Except burns. Do not listen to all the old wives tales – never put butter on a burn. (Use lavender water, then as long as the burn is cool and there are no open sores, use lavender oil to prevent scarring.) I digress… 699 more words

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