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Beyond the label - Hidden poison in nuts?

Are the “raw” almonds you purchase at the health food store really raw? Not legally, if you live in the USA, thanks to a mandatory law passed by the USDA in 2007. 682 more words

Tip Of The Week

The Generous Tamarind Tree

Couple days ago a family of tamarind harvesters asked my mother if they could harvest our tamarind fruits.  They’d buy the fruits but they’d also climb the tree.   289 more words


Scientists Target Milk Microbes That Can Survive Pasteurization

Bacteria that can affect consumer health and affect the dairy product quality have been combated by heating milk for more than a century. According to scientists milk microbes called thermoduric can survive pasteurization process. 20 more words


The Great Raw Milk Debate

We’ve all seen the arguments: Raw milk is unhealthy because the bacteria in it can make you sick, paralyze you, or even kill you. Pasteurized milk is unhealthy because many of the fantastic nutrients provided by milk are stripped out of it during the pasteurization process. 139 more words

Health and Nutrition: Is Raw Really Dangerous?

While pasteurizing milk sounds like a very good idea to keep us safe from food borne illnesses, and drinking raw milk is dangerous, actually as you will see from this… 280 more words

Beyond Organic

Unpasteurized Raw Organic Almonds

Are you up on the California Almond controversy? Thanks to a federal rule in September 2007, California-grown raw almonds are no longer truly raw. That is, unless you purchase them online. 184 more words