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Nevertheless, despite pasteurization there are still outstanding cheeses produced today; otherwise we would simply have to dismiss industrially produced Edam or Gouda, to put just two well-known examples. 376 more words

Cheese Production Methods

Many cheeses today are still produced according to traditional methods and recipes, even if the processing has become easier with the help of machines. The cheese maker continues to play an important role. 672 more words

Egg Story – N&N Farm Pasteurized Eggs

My “Egg Project” has finally finished! I haven’t posted anything new in the past few months because I’ve been busy with this project. It underwent a few changes, so it took much longer than expected. 81 more words


My Food Preservation 'Cherry' ... tomato

As this is the first post I thought it would be appropriate to give a short history as to how we developed an interest in food preservation and eventually fermentation. 213 more words

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The origin of...Milk

“Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

Most milk comes from cows, but milk from goats, camels, buffaloes and reindeer is also consumed. 468 more words

Food And Drinks

Straight, No Chaser: Food Contamination and Protecting Yourself From Foodborne Illness

Those of you who are regular readers of Straight, No Chaser may have heard me say that everything you place in your mouth either harms or helps you. 853 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Cancer Fuel – The 9 Reasons To Avoid Pasteurized Milk


Pasteurization is a dangerous method of heating our foods with tragic side effects which are largely ignored bu the FDA and downplayed by the dairy industry. 2,096 more words