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Burning Rubber and Mimic Ink

Joy: The sunburn acquired while driving long distances in summer.

Prompt: Find a book on your shelf with excellent prose. Read a few pages and write down why, exactly, the prose works so well. 15 more words


Box in the Corner - Thoughts on Television

Obnoxiously it sits.

The modern television set is an object which is sleek, sexy. Matte black and flat, all we see is what we watch. And, my oh my, how the tele-visual phenomenon has grown since its first revolution. 445 more words


Fantasy mythical roots and parallels

Myths can provide a sound platform for the fantasy quest. For thousands of years they have given us action, intrigue, and psychological depth. And none more particular than those found within Celtic mythology with its dark forces, magic, impending battles, quest, and inner searching. 591 more words

Double Pastiche


Double Pastiche

One fine Sunday after Mass, I was allowed to walk alone along the Vivonne. My eyes savored the grasses and purple wildflowers along the bank and drank its watery surface dappled with iridescent insects. 194 more words

Marcel Proust

Video Game Review - Mecha Ace (Version Reviewed: iOS)

Choice of Games offer a wide selection of choose-your-own-adventure stories in a variety of genres, and were among the first to embrace the genre’s popularity on mobile. 796 more words

Games & Game Design

Ilustrado: A Fragmented View from the Apex of Privilege

Criticism of didacticism is common fare when talking of works of literature. Poems or novels must not express political views. They must shy away from social commentary. 1,278 more words