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A Bit About Pastiche by Hunter Toys - Trochę o Pastiche z Hunter Toys

Since I bought Charlie from Pastiche, a doll I wrote about over two years ago, I’ve been watching eBay to find more information. I’m doing it chiefly for identification reasons – Pastiche outfits are likely to be found among doll clothes in many collections, so perhaps you’ll be able to identify yours here? 152 more words

Fashion Dolls

Hematophagy, Pt. 4

I couldn’t ask for a more perfect set-up. The professor was old, trembling even as he sat still. The book was on the table before him, an ancient and ungainly thing that smelled of must and age and a high resale value even at a distance and in dim light. 201 more words


Hematophagy, Pt. 3

Night fell. I changed into dark clothes and pulled a ski mask over my head. I had a small pocket knife that I intended to use for the actual work and a silenced pistol as a back-up in case the situation went out of control. 302 more words


Guide Note 016: Public Transport - Trains

You will notice that the most popular form of transportation, or at least one of the top three, the others being Double Decker Buses and small curved cars, is trains. 638 more words

Hematophagy, Pt. 2

It began when I killed the professor. Not immediately after and not even once I picked up the book, but that was surely the start of it. 277 more words


Hematophagy, Pt. 1

The sound of buzzing follows me constantly now, as much a fact of existence as the sensation of heat and cold on my skin, the insistent cloying need of my body to eat and sleep, the beating of my own heart. 189 more words


The Monogram Murders (Hercule Poirot) by Sophie Hannah

Poirot just knows


A terrified woman bursts into the coffee house where Hercule Poirot is partaking of the best coffee in London. When Poirot tells her he is a detective, she seems tempted to share her worries but in the end tells him only that she is about to be murdered and that, once she is dead, justice will have been done. 894 more words

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