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Hematophagy, Pt. 29

I wanted to write down these thoughts while I still can. With every day that passes, it feels like more and more is taken from me. 508 more words


Hematophagy, Pt. 28

I woke up to someone nudging me in the ribs. “Hey,” a voice said. A real voice, male, undeniably present and unfathomably painful. My head buzzed. 597 more words



As is quite usual for me, I decided to attend another local gig with a few bands playing.  One of the bands ‘First Sign of Light’ (some of whom are close personal friends and thus I feel compelled to mention them by name) play an interesting ensemble of ambient-infused post rock with modern progressive elements.   528 more words


Hematophagy, Pt. 27

I slid down the wall, hit the ground with a thump that made me cry out in agony. The figure walked over to me, its movements inhuman. 531 more words


Hematophagy, Pt. 26

I realized it couldn’t have been a man. The entire face seemed to twist to the side, its mouth, its nose, its eyes all shifting as if the flesh were being dragged across the skull. 217 more words


Hematophagy, Pt. 25

In an instant, I closed the distance between myself and the man, lowered my shoulders, and tackled him to the ground. There was a flabbiness to his body that disgusted me just as his face had. 232 more words


Hematophagy, Pt. 24

The man made no move towards me, but even so I felt myself shy away from him. It was just a flinch, the work of an instant, the kind of thing that would be entirely possible to miss if one had blinked at the wrong time, but even so I hated it. 405 more words