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Imagination and Observation

When I was a child during the late nineteen forties into the fifties, our only family entertainment was the radio. Times where tough back then. To all intent and purpose, Britain was bankrupt and in a period of austerity. 674 more words


What's Good for the Goose...

Throughout my life, thus far at least, I have both received advice as well as given it. And I have found that it is often easier to give advice than it is to receive it. 320 more words


Local Fleas

So this morning we headed out for a bit of flea marketing. It is a fairly nice day. Cooler temperatures than usual and a bit overcast. 406 more words

Creative Projects

The Bachelorette: Week 8 - Fantasy Suites

We’re off to the Dominican Republic, where Andi has the opportunity to invite three dudes to the Fantasy Suites. They really need to stop calling it the “Fantasy Suites”, it makes it sound like some weird ish is set up in there. 694 more words


CRIMEA, Day 7: Tatars, Horses and Sex on a Champagne Picnic

Crimean tour guides are full of fascinating stories from the region’s history and culture.

If one such tale is to be believed, in the 19th century, just as Crimea’s southern coast has established itself as the Russian Riviera and a favorite of Russian royals and international nobles, it started to gain a bit of ill-repute as…well, in today’s terms, as a sex tourism hot-spot. 362 more words


CRIMEA, Day 6: Here Be Lions

The origin story of Safari Park Taigan is a heart-warming tale of an oligarch using his powers for the greater good instead of self-serving indulgences. 673 more words