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Diary or no diary?

Almost 20 years ago I actually used a diary for a while. It was given to me by some friends in an activist group who felt that I was forgetting too many things. 178 more words


Project Worthwhile Life: introduction

Just to refresh where we’re at.

I’m trying to determine what makes a life worthwhile, and for me this takes place in an ideal universe.  And this ideal universe is organised by values, and the things I choose to value (right now) are shown below. 620 more words


Today's Gem of Insight #73

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that reading really is fundamental. As a person who truly enjoys reading as a hobby, as well as for professional endeavors, reading has always played a substantial role in my life. 127 more words


values: conclusion

I started with the view that I was wasting the opportunity given to me by my kidney transplant.  That as my good fortune came about through the death of another person, I should be living a life that was worthy of that sacrifice.  588 more words


value #4: pleasant pastimes

At this point, I have decided that flourishing is to be desired, sustained by a happy household and reassuring relationships.  And now it starts to get complicated and interesting as the values start overlapping more. 651 more words


Today's Gem of Insight #62

Today’s insight journey led me to the idea that there’s nothing wrong with having a little comfort food now and then.

My guess is that we are all aware of how important it is to maintain healthy eating habits, ensuring that the body is nourished via the consumption of healthy foods and beverages. 113 more words


values: introduction

The third year anniversary of my kidney transplant passed just a few days ago…

Despite the cool wet weather, I was drinking chilled French champagne to celebrate my anniversary - not expensive enough to be a NAME, but expensive enough to be fancy.  330 more words