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August 30, 1957 - The Labor Day Weekend Begins

On August 30, 1957, the Friday before Labor Day weekend, Americans young and old, big and small, got ready to celebrate the last official weekend of summer.  252 more words


Bachelor in Paradise: Episode 5

So, after that “To Be Continued…” nonsense, the Rose Ceremony continues. Graham feels physically ill and like he’s about to pass out. MM rushes to her bestie’s side, while AshLee just stands there with a rose looking like a Pretty Pretty Princess. 1,435 more words


Ask a LiBRAINian: happy Just Because Day!

We all need a pick me up every once in a while, and so we thought for Just Because Day we would share some of our favorite past times with you…you know, just because! 253 more words


Bachelor in Paradise: Episode 4

It’s Rose Ceremony aftermath yet again. Everyone is wondering why the eff Elise would go home with Chris and BAM Robert gets a date card. Michelle Money is hopeful Robert will ask her, but he invites Sarah. 1,054 more words


Vintage 1957 - Two Maps of Disney's Worlds

In 1957, Walt Disney oversaw two kingdoms: Disneyland (the Magic Kingdom), and Walt Disney Productions (the financial kingdom). Two carefully crafted maps provide a bird’s-eye view of these well-planned and thriving enterprises. 76 more words


Squamish Valley Music Festival

After the wedding, J and I headed up to Squamish, in British Columbia, the so-called “outdoor recreation capital of the world.” We spent one evening at the Squamish Valley Music Festival, seeing Atmosphere and Eminem in concert. 206 more words


Legging It - On the Promenade

Getting away from it all – people relax in different ways, if relaxation can be described as doing something you enjoy. Watching horses, taking a stroll along the promenade or going for a jog – to each their own.