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9Marks Journal on "Biblical Theology: Guardian and Guide of the Church"


Biblical theology is not just about reading the Bible rightly, though it begins there. It serves to guard and guide the local church. It maintains the right message, defines the task of the messenger, identifies imposters, tells us what we do when we gather, and sets the trajectory of our mission.

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Salvation and the Mission of God: Ed Stetzer, Trevin Wax, David Platt, and Frank Page

On June 10th, 2014, at The Southern Baptist Convention, Ed Stetzer, Frank Page, David Platt, and Trevin Wax discussed the topics of salvation and the mission of God. 109 more words


"If Only..." - A Sermon on Ecclesiastes

“Fulfillment is not found under the sun, but in the One who made the sun.”

  1. If only I could gain… (1:3-7)
  2. If only I could be satisfied… (1:8)
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6 Tips for Small Group Discussion

My friend Jeremy Maxfield recently wrote this post for the Explore The Bible blog, enjoy.

Yogi Berra once said, “It was impossible to get a conversation going, everybody was talking too much… 406 more words


The Ten Commandments

I have enjoyed The Gospel Project’s summer study – God’s Way: A Journey Through the Ten CommandmentsWith every study we run a corresponding blog series as an additional resource for churches and groups using The Gospel Project. 103 more words


Balance in the Work

I wanted to follow up on yesterday’s post about whether certain tasks were up to me or up to God. When it comes to eternal salvation, this question is pretty easy: God does it all. 315 more words


The Gospel According To Jonah

Philip Nation and I are preaching our way through the book of Jonah at The Fellowship in Nashville. One of the things I love about preaching Jonah are the clear hints of the gospel throughout the story. 971 more words