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What does it look like to live for yourself and not God?

It is easy to say you have dedicated yourself to God when you are actually living for yourself. Jonathan Edwards gives the following six tests to evaluate whether or not you are really acting as if you were own, not God’s. 144 more words

Pastoral Ministry

What does it mean to give ourselves up to God?

In his sermon, Dedication to God, Jonathan Edwards suggests it means the following four things:

1. We turn from the world, the flesh and the devil… 240 more words

Pastoral Ministry

On belonging

“Many think that God’s love and favor belong to them, but yet never act as if they belonged to God, but as if they were their own and had a right to themselves: as if God had nothing to do with them any further than to make them happy.”

Jonathan Edwards

Pastoral Ministry

Lessons from Gramp on Cross-Generational Ministry.

My Grandfather was 97 when he passed away. For the last few years of his life my Saturday routine included mowing his lawn and helping with other work around his house.  993 more words

Theology and Pastoral Ministry | 9Marks

In his article, “A Taxonomy of the Pastor-Theologian,” Gerald Hiestand addresses the unhelpful bifurcation of theological scholarship and pastoral ministry. Hiestand warns that the result of this split is theological atrophy in the local church.[1] He also calls the emerging generation of theologians to consider the pastorate as both a vocation and a fitting context for further scholarship. 146 more words


A Place to Preach or a People to Pastor?

I was struck by the sweetness of Phil Newton’s word to young pastors (although applicable to old as well). May God fill His churches with pastors devoted to the good of the people and not their own gain. 325 more words

Block Schedule // What's that?

Trying out block scheduling for a change… Recently, my schedule didn’t have any matter to it so it was subject to whatever I wanted or whatever I needed to do. 98 more words

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