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Find God's Call and Then Do It

Over the past couple of months, I’ve been preaching through 1 Chronicles on Sunday nights.  Last night, we came to 1 Chronicles 28:1-10 where David is talking to the officials of Israel and his son Solomon.   278 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Racial Unrest in America

Ferguson, Missouri.  Anyone paying attention to national news in the last month is familiar with the roiling tension that erupted near St. Louis in August.  Many of us have had conversations about it, but few are able to fully process it. 340 more words

Towards a Theology of Mental Illness

Since the Reformation, evangelicalism has grown far and wide into a mosaic of theological diversity. In my last article, I talked about why theological diversity — within the boundaries of Christian orthodoxy — is integral to the church’s mission to reveal Christ ( 1,124 more words


Three Aspects of a Personal Philosophy of Ministry

Developing a philosophy of ministry is similar to developing a philosophy of Christian living. There are many different ways of looking at it, but as long as the object of our gaze is the same, the minor differences should not matter much. 899 more words


Bound by the Gospel: 5 Theological Convictions that Undergird Preaching

The preacher should be mastered by certain convictions rather than certain techniques. Here are five theological convictions that were presented to me in a class at Boyce College taught by Brian Payne. 1,247 more words


Leaders Who Lack: Reminders for Those in Leadership

Today I want to discuss a couple of items regarding leadership. We will be looking at two reminders for aspiring leaders and present leaders too. 599 more words


1 Timothy Performance Review

I came into the ministry from the organizational development and operations management consulting world. In my previous calling I learned the importance of feedback and data collection in decision making. 218 more words

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