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Leading With Love

The Lord has me camped out of late in Alexander Strauch’s exposition of 1 Corinthians 13 as it applies to the realm of leadership in the local church. 235 more words


When Up is Down and Down is Up and When You Can't Tell One Way or the Other

It is very difficult to judge what is happening in your life as it is happening.

For example, during a revival that was taking place in Northampton, there were times where Jonathan Edwards seemed to almost think the town in which he was ministering had completely been transformed. 727 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Instead of Building Your Platform, Build Your Character

Derwin Gray:

Pastor, words like “platform” and “influence” are important.

But if we aren’t careful, in our desire to build our platform and influence, we can end up building our EGO. 359 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Pastor, be a Christian First

When I was 21, about to enter my senior year of college, I came home to Oregon for the summer to work construction and save money for my final year. 735 more words


Part III: Taking it to the streets

One of the things that this mission trip to the Dominican Republic offered was a chance to do something I really haven’t had the chance to do before. 670 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Not Wasting Your Day

I have been reading a book called “Getting Things Done.” I know I am a little late to the party, but one of the takeaways I am implementing from the book is the importance of moving past generalities to specifics when it comes to actually accomplishing the goals you have set in place. 522 more words

Pastoral Ministry

A Word to Extroverted Pastors: Be Introverted One Day a Week

So, when people ask me, “When do you Sabbath,” I think … the first day of the week. I’m a reformed presbyterian, and so I Sabbath on Lord’s Day. 257 more words

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