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Meditating with Edwards on the Necessity of Holiness

I was talking with one of my friends about the state of Christianity in Africa.

He was saying, unfortunately, to him it seems like many people seem to think they are Christians because they have stopped going to Sangomas and they say the name of Jesus alot, especially when they are in trouble. 881 more words

Pastoral Ministry

Beggar Kings

We must become spiritual beggars before we will be crowned eternal kings.

Pastoral Ministry

Holy Rebellion

Dr. Kevin Moore, Pastor of Lamar Baptist Church, drops by to talk with Barry about redefining excellence in pastoral ministry.


To download audio right-click the following link: Holy Rebellion


More Kicks Than Kisses

Last week began with a serious spiritual kicking for reasons I am not entirely clear about, though I can hazard a couple of half decent guesses.  469 more words


Children of the Parsonage

That’s a respectful term for people born into a pastor’s family, aka preachers’ kids or PKs. My father was not a pastor. Neither was my grandfather or great grandfather. 260 more words


Don't let us be so inhuman...

There are some who are concerned that the church is losing its way in missions.

Specifically, they see many people who are engaged in mercy ministries and excited about these kinds of opportunities and less passionate and serious about things like, church planting and evangelism. 443 more words

Pastoral Ministry

The Scandal of the Semi-Churched

I read this post by Kevin DeYoung a long time ago and thought I would call my readers’ attention to it. It isn’t about the unchurched or the anti-churched, but the semi-churched folks within our local congregations. 492 more words