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A New Group of Pastors Begin in the East!

Last week, I had the privilege to travel back to El Salvador and traveled to the Eastern part of El Salvador for the first time.  Our coalition of pastors in Southeast Missouri had started two groups of pastors/leaders to go through the Bible Training Center for Pastors and this would be the beginning of a third group.   451 more words

El Salvador


The cross is foolishness to those who don’t believe. It was true in the first century and it’s still true today. Perhaps that’s why many preachers try to make the gospel more palatable to those who consider themselves above it. 215 more words


Don't Get It Twisted

Imagine this! You wake up on a Monday morning, pour your coffee, and make your way into the living room to watch the morning news before you begin your day. 1,394 more words


Church leaders are managers too

When we look at the job advertisements for many of our church leaders’ they often include the need for evangelical zeal, mission focus, theologically trained and forward thinking. 511 more words


What does GOD want in the Christian Church today?

God has NO interest in how big your church is. None in how popular you are. Nor in how many speaking engagements you have or conferences that you attend. 574 more words



There’s a common bond between Christians; Jesus. Yes, it’s an obvious truth, but often ignored in times of disagreement. In the early church, leadership challenges quickly emerged and the apostles were put to the test. 212 more words