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Letter to a Pastor

Hi there Pastor:

Well I must say that I never thought you’d ever be interested in this. I know it must be difficult for you finally see that the Church is stuck in the mud and going nowhere, so to speak. 2,987 more words


ERLC Saves the Best for Last: Russell D. Moore and Kevin Smith Bring Down the House at Leadership Summit on the Gospel and Human Sexuality

On Tuesday night, Russell D. Moore, president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, delivered his keynote address titled, “Walking the Line: The Gospel and Moral Purity.”


How to Discourage Your Pastor

Pastors are falling like flies today. I don’t mean into sin, but into states of discouragement and disillusionment that they may never recover from. I’ve been doing this pastoring thing for 30 years now and I know just about as many pastors who have left the pastorate as ones who are still in it over that same time period. 560 more words


Being Sent

“Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you.” John 20:21

Following the crucifixion of Jesus, the remaining disciples were huddled together wondering what their next move might be. 378 more words

Teaching Of Jesus

Why Pastors Must Make a Full and Public Repentance When They Fall

Pastors are held to a higher standard and must repent of sin in accordance with that standard.


The Ecumenical Movement...Run away from it FAST!

Explains what the Ecumenical movement really is all about. It’s only purpose is to usher in a One World Religion. It is important no matter what Christian Church you attend that you find out if your Church supports the Ecumenical Movement. 174 more words


The Vanity of Building our own Kingdoms

Pastors are always preoccupied with the health of their congregations.  When a group of pastors gets together invariably the topic of conversation will turn to “the church.”  I suppose everyone has a tendency to shop around others who share the same vocation, but when pastors are involved I think that talking shop is raised to an art form.  498 more words