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A currently popular store specializes in helping children create their own stuffed animals. The process involves choosing a “shell”, filling it with fluff, accessorizing, then taking the made-to-order friend home. 170 more words


Pastor's Behaving Badly (The Bold Perspective)

This sounds like a title for a reality television series. However in this perspective the focus is not directed towards private behavior that occurs away from the congregation but behavior witnessed directly in view. 1,052 more words


Can we just stop hurting people who come to church to heal their hurts?

All over the blogosphere, and talking to people outside of church, I find people who have been hurt in the very place where they should’ve been helped. 132 more words


What pastors really want


With one week left in Pastor Appreciation Month, you may be wondering how to appreciate your pastor. What does he need? Or want? 413 more words



There are several influential and descriptive titles the Apostle Paul could have used to introduce himself. For example, he could have drawn attention to his valuable status as a Roman citizen, he could have subtly bragged on his intellect as a former standout student of Gamaliel (who was widely respected), or kept the story alive and colorful of how fearsome he was before salvation as Saul. 178 more words


What is the Definition of Discipleship?

I recently attended the D6 Conference in Louisville, KY.  D6 is a movement intentional about empowering parents, homes, marriages, leaders, and churches to live out the story of Deuteronomy 6. 664 more words