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Chicken Bread, Doughnut Crawl and Other Weekend Glory

Some weekends are low-key. Some weekends, I don’t do or eat anything very exciting. This past weekend – a three-day weekend – was NOT one of those weekends. 2,356 more words


Meringues and Choux

In the back room of the school, where our lockers are located, there is a table set up along one of the walls. For the past week or so, the individual granolas we made in class sit stacked neatly. 1,585 more words


Week 3 at  École Gastronomique Bellouet Conseil: Spécial Gâteaux de Thé et Salon de Thé

Tea cakes and cakes served at tea salons. I paused and scratched my head: are these gâteaux only served during tea time and are these the only gâteaux that can be served with tea at a tea salon here in Paris? 628 more words


Caramel, Cheese and Chocolate

As I write this, I’m halfway through week two of pastry school and looking back on the last two days of the first week makes me realize how much we’ve already squeezed in! 1,991 more words


Flours and Butters

Having not been a student full-time in almost 18 years, I associate getting up in the morning with going to work. However, waking up Tuesday morning, my mind was inclined to think I’m going to work, until it clicked that I’m off to another day of baking. 2,762 more words


Three Apples

Every chef has their epiphany moment. Sometimes they’ve been working the line for ten years and suddenly they taste the perfectly supremed blood orange and its complexity hits them sideways in a sudden realization- this is what we work for. 1,157 more words


First Day of School

Hard to believe, but the first day of culinary school – pastry school – had finally arrived. Nearly two years after first deciding to attend school, class was ready to begin. 2,238 more words