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Konditorei-Café Munding _ Innsbruck

The Konditorei-Café Munding is located in the middle of Innsbruck’s old town, 100 meters from the Golden Roof, going to the west.

Right here, the family Munding leads, from 1803, … 106 more words


3 Sweet Stops!

Cebu is sprouting sweet pastry shops everywhere like it’s nobody’s business! My first stop was Country Basket. It was ridiculously small but when I saw the pretty interiors, I was jumping up and down in excitement. 149 more words


The Spooky Snapshot

A new month has begun! And that heralds our periodic round-up of the previous month’s highlights. We’re warning you though! With October being the month of Halloween, you might just be in for a scare. 298 more words


Product of the Month

If it’s our ‘product of the month’, you know it’s going to be something special. This particular dessert has so many levels to it, each level being description worthy by itself, that we faced quite a dilemma while trying to name it. 249 more words


The Big Bake Sale

Every year, as a part of the Diplomê in Patisserie, our students organise an event that they conceptualise from scratch. The event itself serves as a means of getting through which they get a complete hands-on experience of organising an event, getting all the logistics in place and executing it. 860 more words


Basics of Baking with Chef Avin- Icing Faults

To a beginner, the world of baking can seem intimidating. And to the seasoned baker, it can sometimes pose frustrating challenges. It’s during times like these that a thorough knowledge of the basics goes a long way in ensuring your product is perfect. 786 more words


Feeling it

My goal really was to write at least three times a week if not every day. I made this blog, what, three years ago, to make sense of the hubbub of thoughts I keep to myself. 336 more words