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Backyard chickens: more about feed

Going into more detail about the chicken feed ratio links I included in the previous post: Here is the UC Davis Department of Animal Science… 854 more words


8 Ways to Make Your Chanukah More Sustainable

From foods to gifts, there’s many ways to add sustainable practices to your Chanukah celebrations. Please share your ideas in the comments section at the bottom! 501 more words


Our Favorite Roasted Chicken Recipe Yet!!

Since our inauguration into the world of cooking whole chickens, we’ve run into some great whole chicken recipes; but recently we feel like we’ve hit on one of the best (and easiest) to date! 733 more words


This Thanksgiving, Think About Where Your Meat Comes From

By Andrew Gunther

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important to consider the source of your meat at your family gatherings. Today, a staggering 70–80 percent… 576 more words

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It’s Turkey Time

As some of you know we raised a few Heritage Bronze Turkeys this year mostly to see how they would make out on pasture rather than in confined controlled housing and feeding. 864 more words

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Thanksgiving is coming, and that ain't no jive- turkey, that is

Thanksgiving is arguably my favorite holiday. Don’t get me wrong, I love all holidays, I’m just one of those people. But Thanksgiving…. Thanksgiving is the ultimate foodie holiday. 561 more words