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Pig. Farmer. Chef. Guest.

We were all there in the kitchen at the same time.

I recently had the opportunity to learn more about butchering. And what could be a better place than one of… 236 more words

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Pork Shares from a transparent farm //taking back the local from cheaters

A topic that is somewhat dear to my heart has always been transparency when it comes to buying from and supporting local farms.  Renee and I have steered clear from this conversation mostly because we don’t like to be dragged into negative talk or baited into talking badly about other operations.   299 more words

Small Farms

Opening Day

Wednesday was Opening Day on Full Circle Farm. It wasn’t the first day of baseball season or the first day of hunting season, it was time to open the pastures. 153 more words

Fat Does Not Float, nor Does It Drag

We tried everything, cow halters, ropes, dog leashes, pulling, pushing… nothing would get that fatty back across the river, so we had to bring in the big guns. 124 more words

American Guinea Hogs

Spring Thaw and Does Fat Float?

The spring thaw has really arrived in the last few days. Some views from our ride home from school yesterday.

Since it has been so warm, the river has begun to rise. 227 more words

American Guinea Hogs

April Showers

If April showers bring May flowers, what do April downpours bring? They bring lots of mud, but we covered the mud (and covered me in mud) a few posts back. 231 more words