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Unlocked and Loaded

The bank of freezers at the Barry farm are all stocked up with 300 pounds still in the way. Time for family dinners before school starts, grilling with the neighbors or romantic backyard meal with your girl. 54 more words

Pastured Pork

Spaghetti Pie with Charley

If you aren’t already addicted to http://www.paleomg.com yet, you need to go check it out NOW. Juli, the creator, is hilarious, down to earth, and all of her recipes have been a big hit in our household. 183 more words


Prancing Piggies

Even though we’ve had them around for years, I am always amazed by these little critters.  They come out ready to take on the world.  These guys are just three days old. 34 more words

Farm Life

Pasture-raised Pork

The time has come to reserve your half or whole pig from Faerie Willow Farm! The pigs are growing beautifully and should be ready for processing in late October. 818 more words


They're Here!

They’re Here!

Farmer Betsy has been sharing pics with our Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/fullcircle.farm.5) friends so I thought I should share them on the website too. 206 more words


I know I missed a post last week. Besides being crazy busy (I know. Who isn’t?), I’ve been waiting for Shelby to pop some kids. Two weeks ago we were looking at her and saying “Any day now” but she just keeps holding on and getting wider and wider. 205 more words

Grilled Venison 50/50 Burgers

I found some fantastic ground venison at the local market here in Northern Michigan to make burgers with.  I did a fifty/fifty burger using pastured ground pork because venison is very lean and the pork makes them juicy!   73 more words