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The Knapsack Trail

I like the wide and common road
Where all may walk at will,
The worn and rutted country road
That runs from hill to hill; 68 more words



If you are in a hurry, there’re words you don’t want to see on the highway like “Reduce Speed”, or “Construction Ahead”. 693 more words


New Year, new days, no mistakes yet...

Well, not strictly true. It’s difficult for a gal like me to get through a day without a mistake or two. I almost set fire to my hot bag today, for example. 332 more words


I Feel a Little Poem Coming On

I thought I would post my last entry for the year, 2014, with a poem. I ask this question; What is it about the seasonal changes that seem to affect our psyche? 302 more words



Well, you wouldn’t know it by the blog lately, but there really has been a lot happening around here. I’ll try to get you all caught up! 332 more words


Day Two Hundred and Forty-Eight: Stepping Stones

Look at the one before you, keep your feet on the rock and only move when you know it is the right time. Just like life, all timing and balance. 85 more words


Without a word...

The girl gingerly walked down the steps. In one hand she clutched a leather bag close to her chest.

She broke into a sprint along a gravel pathway, flying past green pastures speckled with plump animals lazily chewing grass.The crisp morning breeze flapped her clothes, as  she began her early vigil, greeting the pink streaked sky, greeting  the break of dawn itself.Her rosy face was upturned as she slid to a stop, kicking up dust at her feet. 764 more words