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Bull Pen

After the water and electric lines were done, it was time to finish the bullpen.

The utility lines run right down the middle of the new bullpen, so those had to be done first. 283 more words


Waterline - Done!

In case you missed the first installment of the waterline, the guys were halfway through with installing the water line and electrical conduit from the new “North 40″ pasture to the bullpen. 316 more words


Pest problems in pastures can often affect livestock

Frank Watson of University of Georgia Extension warns cattle ranchers to watch out for cattle eating green acorns. Cattle often resort to eating oak leaves or acorns when grass in thin in the pasture, as it is this year because armyworms chewed the grass down in several pastures. 7 more words


Grazing Research

ALPS has access to the irrigated property Coorumbene for grazing research



When they finished fencing the grazing paddocks at the new land, Rick and Alex turned their attention back to our place. Before winter, they need to have the water and electrical lines run all the way out to the “North 40″ pasture. 426 more words


Fall grasses | Texas Photography

The tall grasses in the pasture turn colors in the fall.

The spikes are like feathers flying in the wind.

The grass goes to seed and that is when it takes on its golden beauty.

Sonya Lira Photography


It just seems so right…cows in the meadow…in this idyllic landscape of small pastures divided by rows of trees and hedges…it all seems so natural… ;)