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Eye Appointments for Little Kids: Our Story

We’ve been visiting a pediatric ophthamologist for over six years, and people often ask me what the eye exam process is like for young children. 516 more words

Our Story

Harris 60

I’ve just returned from the excellent MSRI workshop which honored Michael Harris’ 60th birthday, and here is a brief summary of some of the gossip and mathematics I picked up when I was there. 770 more words


Review: Card Stacking/Patching

I have been thinking about designing games where you place cards or tiles on top of each other for various effects. I’m not talking about games such as… 973 more words

Board Games

Space Salvager - 1.4.3 Updates Pt. 3

Some changes have been moved to the next release, slated for next Friday, with a fix for equipment size on looting being added for this release and a tweak to the tractor beams to help cargo ships dock easier.   74 more words

Video Games

Patching Up Myself

I’m still not whole
I’m still in pieces
But I’m moving and slowly healing myself
Or trying to
In the process of letting go
I’d like to cry for one last time… 17 more words


Slow making for the holidays and mending

Certainly now more than at any other time of the year, with the bustle of the holidays upon us, we find ourselves in busy straits.  For me, this means some shopping for gifts, but as a maker, it more often means that I over commit myself to many projects I naively think that I will accomplish easily between now and Christmas. 707 more words

Family Life

The Database Engine system data directory in the registry is not valid

Recently I was helping a client with this issue; they were trying to repair their instances due to some registry setting issues.  However kept getting this message; this error message in the Bootstrap Logs means one of the key parameters for setup are missing or incorrect.  406 more words