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It is very quiet here. There is still sound however; the tick tock of a clock in the library, the rush of the steady northern wind pushing at the glass in the window behind my head and the ice cubes settling in the tumbler on the table to my left. 394 more words

Patchwork Quilt

The In Between

A remarkable piece of writing and a wonderful attempt at capturing the feeling of what I like to call “the in between.” That moment of calm just before the Moon relinquishes her hold and the Sun is born once again in the Eastern sky. 480 more words

Patchwork Quilt

Patchwork blanket (attempt 2)

Well, I’m calling it attempt 2 but really I only made a baby blanket so it could possibly be a bit of a cheat. I have improved in the staying-inside-the-lines and made one that is very regular pattern (so was far more frustrating to make than slapdash first go) but the new-mummy to be loved it so I must have done something right. 74 more words


Point of View

each one like a needle
jabbing in, jabbing out of our lives

We look at these pains
and we wonder, why
but we see no answer… 195 more words


My studio ready for business

Yes, it is finally! My studio is ready for business. Not just for me sewing all day but for my little shop and class/workshop too! 144 more words


Simple Quilts - Woven Bliss

When I first dipped my toe into the wonderful world of quilting, the traditional blocks were the most popular.

How times have changed. These days the simplest block designs, combined with a clever use of fabric, can create wonderfully appealing quilts. 265 more words

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