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Reforming University Tech Transfer

This article is a roundup of recent articles we have read about how to change university tech transfer.

The vast majority of university tech transfer offices do not break even, but some are very profitable. 185 more words


Not All Ideas and Not All Data are Patentable

There are a variety of reasons why a new idea or a new finding (i.e. new data) might not be patentable. That could be technical (e.g. 771 more words


The UK Bolar Exemption

These points are from a talk by Phil Bilney at Fieldfisher’s Pharma Patent Seminar on 16 October 2014.

1. A Bolar Exemption allows applicants for generic marketing authorisations under the abridged procedure to be exempt from patent infringement when conducting the necessary bioequivalence and stability studies (see TaylorWessing’s information about this… 257 more words


DIPP defers decision on issuance of compulsory licence for cancer drug Dasatinib

Source: Economic Times

The department of industrial policy and promotion, or DIPP, has delayed a decision on issuing a compulsory licence for cancer drug Dasatinib by seeking fresh clarification from the health ministry early this week. 422 more words

Access To Medicines

Inside Views: USTR’s Investigations On IP Rights Against India: Is There A Tenable Case?

Source: Ip-Watch

On 14th October, the US Trade Representative (USTR) began the out-of-cycle review (OCR) of India’s intellectual property (IP) laws, the mandate which it gave itself in the 2014 Special 301 Report. 2,979 more words

Access To Medicines

US Biotech Claim Drafting

These points are from a CIPA seminar given by Linda Huber on 17 October 2014.

1. The following formats are relevant to biotech cases: methods of medical treatment, therapeutic compositions and diagnostic methods. 1,261 more words


대형 제품군들에서의 특허 분쟁들

요즘 바이오파마 업계에서 특허 분쟁이 몇가지 눈에 띄인다.

우선은 세간의 관심이 높은 분야의 특허분쟁이라는 것이다. 둘째는 모두 상품화 직전까지 크게 부각이 안되다가 상품화 직전 (돈 냄새 나가 시작하면서…) 일이 터진다는 것이다.

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