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Plasson manufactures pipe couplings. Unidelta launched a competing product and Plasson claimed patent infringement of their patents IL 125899 and IL 127327 and passing off and requested an injunction. 1,106 more words

Intellectual Property

Inventing Basics: 3 Patent Options

New inventors tend to put a great deal of focus on filing and prosecuting patents.

Not every invention is patentable, however, nor should every invention be patented. 247 more words


Senator Warren Proposes 'Swear Jar' For Pharmaceutical Companies

According to Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, pharmaceutical companies paid more than $13 billion in fines and/or settlements for violations of federal law.  The Senator would like to use some of that money to boost the budget of the National Institutes of Health. 335 more words

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Color Classics: Dancing On The Moon

I’d had a little theme going of Popeye in Outer Space, and I wanted to continue it, but I couldn’t find any other Popeye In Space cartoons. 455 more words


Intellectual Property and Creative Commons

Intellectual Property (IP) and Creative Commons (CC) are two legal terms that both deal with Copyright. IP is basically what started it all and refers to “creations of the mind”, such as inventions, literary and artistic works, music, and pretty much any unique thing that an individual came up with that is used in commerce. 302 more words


Supreme Court Holds That Certain Aspects of Claim Construction Decisions Merit Deference on Appeal

Today on IPcopy we have a handy review courtesy of Wolf, Greenfield & Sacks, P.C. of the recent Teva Pharamceuticals v Sandoz case in the US. 1,256 more words


Series I: Intellectual Property

Series I
This paper gives a nutshell of the History of Intellectual Property. Series II will proffer the writings of immense Philosophers and The provisions of the early Intellectual Oriented… 682 more words