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What are Patent Trolls?

Definition: The term patent trolls is not a legal term.Patent trolls is a derogatory phrase for an entity that neither invents nor makes products but instead acquires patents and uses them to extort money from legitimate businesses by suing or threatening to sue.According to Westlaw, patent trolls are companies that engage in the business of acquiring patents in order to sue operating companies for infringement. 64 more words


Wall Art for the Growth Nerd

Prints of classic patent diagrams (and by classic, I mean Lego and Edison’s telegraph) available at Etsy. Good deal at only 7 bucks a pop. Perfect for your favorite “technology is the key to long-run growth” economists. (h/t Gizmodo).

Electronic Group Communication Patents for Sale by ICAP Patent Brokerage & Auctions

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 19, 2014
ICAP Patent Brokerage announces for sale patents disclosing a self-configured electronically facilitated group communication system from Xerox Corporation and PARC, a Xerox company. 14 more words

Random Talks

Patents, Bargaining, and Innovation

The economics of endogenous growth imply a non-linear relationship between intellectual property rights (IPR) and innovative activity. Very low patent protections (or other types of IPR) and no one will want to bother innovating because they will not be able to reap any benefits before someone comes along and copies their idea. 731 more words

Arutz 7's take on the 2013 Report of the Israel Patent Office

In an earlier post, I summarized the 2013 Patent Office Report.

It is interesting to see what happens when journalists who are non-patent professionals analyze and report on the same data. 299 more words


Patent definitions - What is Prior Art?

Definition: Prior art is all information that has been disclosed to the public in any form about an invention before a given date. Prior art includes things like any patents related to your invention, any published articles about your invention, and any public demonstrations. 133 more words