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Understanding patents in startups, an interview with a lawyer

Have you ever stopped to think that an increasing amount of products and services that improve our daily lives are created by startups? In many cases, the very first prototype is designed in a small garage by a few creative minds with little to no resources. 1,146 more words


If a patent says something is “essential,” then it must be so

To help a patent attorney prepare a patent application, inventors often provide a copy of a manuscript for an upcoming technical journal, research publication or white paper. 508 more words


IPcopy's summer round up

The summer holiday period is coming to an end, the kids are heading back to school and for the first time in weeks there’s actually a full complement of co-workers in your office. 332 more words



Ian Sommerville’s blog provoked this post, as it gave another chance to talk about copyright:


It’s all wrapped up in the monopoly grants of copyright. 412 more words



  • On application, two patents on strategies and algorisms for insulin pumps: SAFEBOLUS i SAFE

Nautilus v Biosig Case Study

Already another month has passed, and it’s about time for another update. Earlier I mentioned some other patent cases the Supreme Court recently decided and how I should talk a little bit about them. 691 more words


We learned on Wednesday that Apple was denied a request to have certain Samsung devices banned from sale in the ongoing patent case between the two companies, and today The New York Times reports that Apple will appeal that decision. 102 more words

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