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It’s NOT a Health Care System

The Times reports on bribes given to health care providers to prescribe their patent protected product.  In this case it’s a addicting medication.

Dr. Judson Somerville, a pain specialist in Laredo, Tex., received $67,000 in speaking fees, travel and meals in 2013 to promote a powerful and addictive painkiller called Subsys, according to a new federal database of payments that drug companies make to physicians.

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General Cynicism

Self sealing asphalt shingle patents

Self sealing asphalt shingle patents Related patent searches for self sealing asphalt shingle are asphalt shingles, self-sealing asphalt, sealing asphalt shingles, selMore Is Shingling a Roof the Only Decision You have? 91 more words

Big Pharma

What we think of as medicine is a fairly new development. Doctors used to be able to set broken bones, sew up cuts, lop off limbs, and give you an emetic. 561 more words

The Economy

When is a Biotech Invention Completed? How Much Data is Needed?

In the field of biotech showing that the invention works by means of providing the appropriate data can be an important part of ‘making’ the invention. 1,072 more words


Samsung wants the ITC to block Nvidia chips in the US

In the latest round of a patent battle between Nvidia and Samsung, Samsung petitioned the US International Trade Commission to block the sale of Nvidia’s graphics processors in the US, Bloomberg reported on Friday. 244 more words


About the USPTO's National Trademark Expo

“About 15,000 attendees enjoyed the 2014 National Trademark Expo featuring over 40 exhibitors, participants and displays. The Expo educated the public about trademarks, thereby advancing the USPTO’s mission to deliver intellectual property information and education to the public.” 16 more words


Patent-eligibility after Alice: a summary of decisions that found software inventions eligible for patenting

Since the June 2014 U.S. Supreme Court decision in Alice Corporation Pty Ltd. v. CLS Bank Int’l, at least 16 district court decisions, at least three Federal Circuit decisions, and a number of Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) decisions have overturned software and business method patents under the new patent-eligibility standard of… 842 more words