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‘Expectation of Success’ as Part of Inventive Step Analysis

This is the second in a series of articles on biotech inventions (the first article can be found here). The present article discusses ‘expectation of success’ which is often considered as part of assessment of inventive step for biotech inventions and also in other life science areas such as pharmaceuticals. 1,006 more words


Delaware Federal Court Sanction Rulings Offer Lessons for Patent Plaintiffs and Defendants

Featured Expert Contributor – Intellectual Property (Patents)

Jeffri A. Kaminski, Venable LLP, with Briana Rizzo,* Venable LLP

*Editor’s Note: With this post we welcome the participation in… 1,001 more words

Preserving Innovation/Intellectual Property

Patent Prosecution Highway continues as cheap, fast track to patent protection

Intellectual property boutique Smart & Biggar says that the Patent Prosecution Highway continues as a “phenomenal success” in Canada.

“It has positioned the country as a highly cost-effective jurisdiction in which to procure patent protection with exceptional speed and efficacy,” writes  182 more words

Legal Post

Intellectual property rights: we are cornered.

A tangle of arguments proliferated around the concepts of “collective intellectual property” and the “just and equitable distribution” of its benefits. The tangle emerged because most of those whose forebears created the genetic wealth that is so greatly desired by the wealthy and their powerful corporations find the concept of (intellectual) property a quite foreign one.

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How does IP help small companies grow?

Some companies think that investing in Intellectual Property isn’t right for them…. it’s something that the big boys do…  Wrong!  IP isn’t just for large companies with deep pockets.  143 more words


A Skeptical Look at GMO Safety

(Golden rice. Photo via WikiMedia.)

Golden rice is touted as one of the highest achievements of agricultural GMOs. Enriched with a vitamin A precursor and designed for high yields, it has the potential to help millions of malnourished people all over the world, especially in Africa and South Asia. 420 more words