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16. Samuel Harding Carruthers: The Common Link

A few years ago, my paternal line lost several much loved members within a short space of time. My granny’s cousin stated at the third funeral that the family had seen more of each other that year than they had in some time but was heartbroken that it had taken a tragedy to get us all together. 346 more words

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15. John Brown: The Picture of a Family Man

Yes, another John Brown. This John Brown is the father of the last one I wrote about and by no means the last John Brown that features in my family tree. 299 more words

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It's (d)raining men…

And women are responsible for it.

So are men.

Especially men.

What I’m referring to is refusing to let go of a cultural stereotype that supposedly has its roots in our make-up as mammals, specifically that women are nurturers; men are protectors. 395 more words

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100 Years On: Their Name Liveth

Exactly 100 years ago, Britain declared its involvement in World War I. Today across Britain and many other parts of the world, people’s attention is being drawn to the anniversary. 801 more words

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MRIN-5 Herschal Oliver and Olive McDonald

My paternal great-grandparents.

Hershcal Bently Oliver

  • Born: 06 Nov 1893, Kentucky
  • Married: Olive McDonald, 1918, Kentucky
  • Died: 20 Aug 1958
  • Buried: Valhalla Cemetery, Belleville, St. Clair, Illinois…
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The post that doesn't know how to act around babies

I’m going away for the weekend tomorrow night to visit my Mum, brother, sister-in-law and their baby – my niece. I’m looking forward to it generally but not the part where I will be expected to interact with their little 10 month old. 406 more words