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7. William Harper Rae: The Crown's Captain

Tinker, tailor, soldier… I wrote about them the other day. Today is the turn of my sailor, William Harper Rae.

I say ‘sailor’, though William was actually a Captain. 571 more words

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6. John Brown: A Lost and Fallen Soldier

A few weeks ago I ordered some certificates online from the General Register Office. One of these was for John Brown, my great-great-great uncle. I met John quite early in my research and had seen his family’s memorial to him on the family gravestone. 460 more words

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Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

C’mon, you knew there would be awful puns all up in here.

So, yes. Tracing the family tree was always an interest to me; I remember sitting with Nan making crude trees after she found a box of black-and-white pictures. 189 more words


5. James Rae: The Popular Plumber

I never had the good fortune of meeting my Grandpa Rae as he died a few years before I was born, but I’m pleased he was always talked about as I was growing up. 650 more words

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4. William McCoskry Rae: Brave Boy Soldier

The deeper I get into my family tree, the more men I find with military backgrounds. There are a few interesting stories but one who grabbed my attention very early on in my genealogy days was William McCoskry Rae. 372 more words

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3. Thomas Brown: An Irish Enigma

My first experience of a genealogical brick wall was, and to some extent still is, with Thomas Brown. Thomas is my great-great-great-grandfather and originally hailed from Ireland. 373 more words

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Paternal psychological response after ultrasonographic detection of structural fetal anomalies with a comparison to maternal response: a cohort study

Citation Kaasen A, Helbig A, Malt UF, Naes T, Skari H, Haugen GN. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2013 Jul 12;13(1):147.

BACKGROUND: In Norway almost all pregnant women attend one routine ultrasound examination. 333 more words