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The post that doesn't know how to act around babies

I’m going away for the weekend tomorrow night to visit my Mum, brother, sister-in-law and their baby – my niece. I’m looking forward to it generally but not the part where I will be expected to interact with their little 10 month old. 406 more words


14. Robert John Rae: A Prize-winning Ploughman

Today was a truly privileged day which was all about getting to know my great-grandfather, Robert John Rae.

Robert was the fourth child of Robert Rae and his wife, Margaret McCoskry. 449 more words


More Australian Shenanigans!

In my previous post about Australian migration, I mentioned a lady who had (possibly/probably) married her (possibly/probably) deceased first husband’s (half) uncle. I don’t want to leave you thinking that this kind of thing was present in only one side of my family. 564 more words

Genealogy Talk

A Difference of Opinion

She didn’t come up to see him off this time. The scarecrow figure shuffled along the path to the road with a sling-over bag and shoes two sizes too big. 1,266 more words


POPISM’S  –  /päp ,izemz/  –  plural noun  –  words of wisdom from my dear but departed Dad a.k.a. “POP

  • “The weekend stretches unlimimimededly before us!”
166 more words

The post that doesn't like kids

Okay, I’m just going to say it. Kids. I don’t like kids. Other people’s kids. They’re loud, annoying, they take away my peace and quiet, and they are EVERYWHERE. 485 more words


Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child’s White Fire - Pendergast 13

Welcome to Roaring Fork a ski town, in Colorado, catering to the upper-end of the wealthy. Too bad that the major development company had to dig up the old cemetery, not that Corrie Swanson minds. 197 more words

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