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Transference and Illumination.

For all its complications and the pain it can bring, “transference” is a very useful phenomenon within psychotherapy (and in real life). It illuminates where the focus needs to go. 1,353 more words


The Irrational Fear of 'Patient'

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

When Juliet Capulet spoke these famous lines to Romeo Montague, she attempted to convey that a name is an artificial convention; She loved the person called Montague, not the Montague name or family. 1,691 more words


Great Leaders Make Others Feel Safe

Great leaders make others feel safe. It’s a unique and remarkably true sentiment. Great leaders take on a paternal role for those they lead. They protect them. 332 more words

All fathers want a son... or do they?

Playing in the branches of a big tree one summer afternoon, we came across a small girl. She climbed up to join us, her father waiting patiently on the ground below. 1,583 more words