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The Melody of Life

This constant tune persists.

As if it were an everlasting mist.

The chirps of lively birds.

The sound of human words.

Rustling of uncomfortable, restless trees. 63 more words


Where has it gone

In the world alone,

slowly time ticks a drone.

On the edge of insanity,

laughing along at humanity.

All becomes silent.

The trees become just a motion, 17 more words


If is a possibility

If this day was my last,

would I miss my past.

The lights went dark,

not even a spark.

So the drummer stop beating,

because he was fleeting. 55 more words


Life confuses me...

Life, what’s the meaning of it, are we some’s experiment or someone’s pet. Life doesn’t make sense and guess it never will. We are born to die. 326 more words


Fast Forwarding Until…

After I was six and got a new sister everything seemed to happen really fast. It was as if time had been put on FAST FORWARD. 1,290 more words


Let’s start from the beginning…

Well when I say from the beginning,  I don’t mean literally from when I was born. Though we are all born someway or another, unless you want to split hairs because I wasn’t exactly born, I was cut out or in other words a c-section or if you want to be really picky a cesarean section. 680 more words


Like poems?

Malak was nice enough to let me publish one of her poems online, she’s such a talented being. So here is a little something special, enjoy. 236 more words