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A Thousand Disguises

We meet ourselves time and again
in a thousand disguises
on the path of life.

~Carl Jung~

My sister (on the right) sent me these photos, that she got from her daughter, Jessica (the baby), which she got from her Dad, Dan (on the left).   34 more words

Thoughts On The Broad, Cruel And Cold World Outside Of School.

Why are we people always afraid to take risks? Maybe because we are too comfortable? Or too insecure?
Guys I’m telling you, there will never be a time, were everyone will appreciate your doings, whether positive or negative… 266 more words



Thoreau once said that the mass of men lead lives with quiet desperation.
I feel that this is true.
I feel that I am in this state – 37 more words

Bless you! The path of life (poem)

Can you see it?

Can you see that light?

It`s the Sun,

it may not always shine bright,

but it`s here.

The beginning of a story, 123 more words


The Faces We Acquire Throughout Our Path Of Life.......

 Hello again…. Our disguises on our path of life are the accumulation of the choices of  we have made throughout our life.  Through life we are continually at the crossroads with choices of how to proceed in life, we even have the choice to decide or not. 61 more words


How important is it?

When you evaluate how important something is in your life, how do you rate it. This may be relationships, activities, goals in your life. I have found I need to evaluate my whole life frequently. 201 more words

Talking about sin

It’s a strange thing.
I’ve learned that in my progressive environment people talk about everything, including sex, gay marriage, the best brand of condoms. When to take ‘the pill’ and going to the doctor etc… 465 more words