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😍😍😍 – at Islamic Center Martapura

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Dedicated, Motivated, Satisfies, The Best Performing - with iwan , Tommy, Baitulmaal, and Farhan at Dinas Psikologi Angkatan Udara
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Personal Assessment - at Dinas Psikologi Angkatan Udara with iwan , Tommy, and Baitulmaal
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Coffee pagi – at Komp Buana Permai

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Wellness, no matter who you are

UpReach Therapeutic Riding Center, Goffstown, Massachusetts.

UpReach is a 96-acre property dedicated to disabled people.

It is a place full of color and joy.

With its dozen horses and ponies, UpReach enables disabled people to participate in horse-related activities, such as riding or carriage driving. 80 more words

Horseback Riding Travels

The Illusion and Power of Choice

Episode 23

After watching the cinematic masterpiece, Interstellar, I am using Hans Zimmer’s Soundtrack as a musical guide in writing this episode. You know what to do (if you don’t check out my previous posts) … 2,143 more words

Soul Journey

Thankful for friendship

I am thankful most days whether I verbally proclaim it or not.
I’m thankful for the things I have no control over and the things of which I do. 365 more words