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Padahal lunch sorangan pesannya serba 2 – at Holycow! Steakhouse

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Yg di kapus mana suaranya?? – at Kantor Pusat Direktorat Jenderal Pajak

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first day of college...

Its a new start to what can make or break me…..so far so good for the first week of college. I always thought that college was going to be this huge place with kids just staring me down and professors giving me a hard time and sending me home with a bunch of homework that would drive me insane, I was wrong.. 189 more words

How To Walk The Underground Tunnel From Union Station To The Eaton Centre/Hudsons Bay

Hello everyone!

So it’s getting close to ‘Back-To-School’ time, and a lot of people may be commuting to get to school or looking for ways to get to the Eaton Centre from Union Station without having to take the subway or street car. 791 more words