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Real Talk

My Friends…  Live your life to the fullest and be true to yourself!

I try to live in-Spirit and Walk my Talk. To have NO ego, jealousy or anger. 93 more words

Real Talk

Guardrails for the Christian Life

Early on, the life of faith looks beautiful in the distance, but very confining up close. So many rules. So many prohibitions. So many boundaries. But the guardrails prevent us from experiencing the consequences of the natural laws during our early learning. 47 more words


Towards a Greek Kabbalah: The Divine Name IAŌ on the Tetractys

We’ve come a good way in developing a cosmic framework and map for ourselves based on Pythagorean principles, as well as coming to understand the mysteries of the Greek letters in their roles as entities and functions of the creation of the cosmos.   3,178 more words


Creating a .bash_profile file in OS X and adding PATH directories

If you’re starting out with a fresh install of OS X (10.9 in my example) and are using any development tools, at some point I’m sure you’ll want to add some directories to your system PATH. 226 more words


Beda Path Dulu dan Kini

Oleh: Novita Nurfiana

Pasti sudah nggak asing dong sama Path, salah satu platform media sosial paling lengkap di seluruh jagad media sosial. Oke tadi itu lebai. 351 more words


…is the essence I chose to align myself within this life…

…when the only light around is that of the stars and moon…

…the link… 8 more words

Magickal Arts