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Pathfinder: Egyptian Magic Items for your Mummy-Themed Adventure Path

We are adding the magic items from Treasury of the Sands to d20PFSRD.com. If you are battling a Mummy and his evil Mask, make sure to check out these magic items. 20 more words

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Whaaat Paizo's front page!

Took a little more than a year for me to get there (ten days, to be exact), and I’ve only got a guest author credit and lead editor credit, but I’ll take it! 16 more words

MIke Myler

RPG Triumph...and Defeat - Issue 2

Welcome to another exciting issue of RPG Triumph…and Defeat, where we tell the great stories from RPG campaigns, both the amazing and the downright humiliating. These are the stories, our legends, we tell our RPG friends, and even those that don’t play.


Ain't We Big Damn Heroes Redux

Taking a break from the last gasp of winter, the ache of my foot, and the news that I was turned down for a summer research position, not because I was low-balling my research, which was the response I was expecting, but because my proposed project was too ambitious, I was thinking about Ain’t We Big Damn Heroes. 413 more words

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Character of the Day: Pathfinder Chandra Nalaar

Today, I will take the well-known Magic: The Gathering planeswalker Chandra Nalaar and convert her to a 5th-Level Sorcerer!

Chandra Nalaar: Level 5 Human Sorcerer… 188 more words

Magic: The Gathering

More Bouncing Ball Please

When we last left our intrepid adventurers they had driven off Black Fang, the young black dragon, and headed back to Sandpoint for their rewards. 724 more words

My Boy

Pathfinder Spelling Test (Now With an Update)

Have I mentioned before how much our boy does not like to write?  I’m pretty sure that I have.  In case I have no, he does not like writing and spelling tests so much that he recently tried telling Barb that he no longer had them.  605 more words

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