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Pathfinder: A Compendium of Heroic Races

Be Heroic!

Go beyond elves and dwarves with the Book of Heroic Races Compendium. Inside you will find eight brand new races. From the tree-kin seedlings to the wacky half-faerie dragons, these amazing races will bring something fresh and exciting to your game. 115 more words

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Pathfinder: The Best Four Days for a Bundle of PDFs

With GenCon here, we are as excited as you and are glued to our devices , waiting for all the exciting announcements that will come out of the convention. 172 more words

Jon Brazer Enterprises


I am in countdown mode for Gen Con 2014.

In just over 12 hours I will be leaving for the long drive to Indianapolis for what is likely a once in a lifetime trip to the largest game convention in the US. 431 more words

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For months (one might even say years) a project has been in development for Rogue Genius Games, a product that everyone can draw value from—be they player, GM, or just a fan of good fiction! 112 more words

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I "Knew" What Was Here Before I Read What Was Here (edited)

Recently, if you have been following along, at the insistence of my children I picked up the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Box.  I was not going to pick the set up before they expressed a desire to try role-playing yet again.  856 more words

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Generating A Headache

I have a headache this big…damn, you can’t see how far apart my hands are, then again if I am typing this my hands can’t really be that far apart…I have a giant headache. 509 more words

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