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Who doesn’t love it? I am obsessed with it!

See the current list of effects a spell enhanced with the chaotic stuff might have—I say current, because Clinton Boomer’s take on how to improve the mechanic (and the length of this list!) is one of our earliest stretch goals!

MIke Myler

Pathfinder: An Asthma of Mites

When my players first encountered the mites in my Kingmaker campaign, I wanted to make them memorable. And memorable I made them, if annoying. I gave them a loud, high-pitched battle cry that I demonstrated myself. 449 more words

Jon Brazer Enterprises

The Chainz biker gang, Filthton, and new Add-Ons!

The developer for Trectoyri, Colin Stricklin, has an amazing post on the tumblr that highlights one of the most exciting areas of Trectoyri: dystopian Filthton, home to the Chainz—a biker gang made up of savage ogres and trolls! 94 more words

MIke Myler

Pathfinder: The Heroic Lizardfolk

Howdy, folks! Dale McCoy has already talked a little bit here about the overwhelming feedback we got from Pathfinder fans on the Paizo messageboards who want more races to play with in their games. 396 more words

Jon Brazer Enterprises

Magic in the Grand Dynasties!


I call upon you.

As you explore the realms of the fantastic continent, will you be a Shòuquán, absorbing magics cast upon you to be fired back upon their source? 77 more words

MIke Myler

Pathfinder: Coming of the Wyrwoods

Recently, I started a thread on Paizo’s forums asking people what races would they like to see more racial details on. I was expecting a few responses, but frankly I was just blown away by the number of people asking for non-standard races. 408 more words

Jon Brazer Enterprises