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Pathfinder: Another Exclusive Look Inside Advanced Tengu

Carrakwak, our signature tengu inquisitor graces the cover of Book of Heroic Races: Advanced Tengus, but he is not the only tengu the book. Today we are showing off the other avian characters within this book done by Brian Brinlee. 54 more words

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Exclusive Look Inside The Lost Spell Words

Continuing our series of exclusive looks inside recent JBE releases, let’s take a look within Book of Magic: The Lost Spell Words. This is not our first expansion on the words of power magic system. 208 more words

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Exclusive Look Inside Advanced Tengus

To say I have been busy lately has been an understatement. Between being sick and my girlfriend’s birthday (which, she was really happy with all I did for her this year), I have barely had enough time to get layouts of… 969 more words

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Pathfinder: To Play a Mockingbird

To Kill a Mockingbird Before the Mockingbird Kills You.

Adventurers and explorers extraordinaire, tengus make exceptional player chararacters. From their unique fighting styles to their ability to read anything put before them, tengus survive the toughtest scrapes and emerge victorious. 217 more words

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Reigning in 2015 with deadlines and artwork!

As usual, I am a very busy bee over here so it’s short and sweet again today.

1) Important projects (which I have to remain quiet about right now) have been finished and turned in, and I am  185 more words

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Thoughts on first Pathfinder RPG experience

Just this Monday,  I battle a snowstorm with temperature under 15 degrees for one primarily reason to play legendary Pathfinder (D&D 3.5). I have watched Dawnforged cast videos on YouTube get an idea. 767 more words


[Pathfinder] Delve into Ancient Tombs with these Adventures

O Living Who Are on Earth Who Pass by This Tomb Pour Four Me Some Water

What awaits the just and unjust when they walk beyond Death’s Curtain? 223 more words

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