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Blessed Beyond Measure

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of the year! The colors in the Pathfinding Paper Collection remind me of the beautiful Smoky Mountains when the leaves change colors. 680 more words



As my project progresses we all are waiting for a playable and visually good looking version! With the help of google and a lots of information searching I was finally able to finish the path-finding system for my AI. 62 more words


On pathfinding and AI matters - part 3 ( Java Union-Find code )

On the past two posts I described how the pathfinding was implemented on the game. To sum up, each time a path is needed between two tiles on the map, the game first checks to see if the two tiles are connected using the Union-Find class, and if it is true then we call the A* pathfinding function. 769 more words


A Card Lovers Dream

So, I finally found time to play with the newest Cricut cartridge from Close to My Heart, Artfully Sent is definitely a card lovers dream. Don’t let the name fool you though, it’s so much more than cards! 105 more words

4.25 X 5.5 Cards

Fabulous Fall Cards Continued

Living in the Pacific Northwest I have had the opportunity to experience all four seasons. Fall is definitely one of my favorites. The crisp mornings lead into still warm afternoons and there is an abundance of color and bustling activities. 203 more words

4.25 X 5.5 Cards

On pathfinding and AI matters - part 2 (A* algorithm)

Following up from my previous post, on this post I’m going to discuss the second part of the pathfinding mechanism. So far I used a union-find data structure to define all the available paths on the map and connect them so a unit that stands on a tile can know whether it can access another tile anywhere in the map. 202 more words


Fabulous Fall Card Class

I was inspired to try a new watercolor technique when I was browsing blogs for my fall card class and came across this card by… 127 more words

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