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Haunted Chase

Début : Mars 2014
Durée : 1 semaine
Langage : C#
Bibliothèques/Outils : Unity

Lien vers le jeu (WebPlayer)
Lien vers une vidéo test du jeu (par FancyPanda)
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Pathfinding with many floors: solved!

Anyway, after several tests I got a solution for pathfinding to find the correct path between different floors. I’ll post here the solution in steps, because some adjustments were needed to make it work well. 1,419 more words

Developer Game

Finding the Shortest Path

My degree is in information systems, not computer science. As a software engineer, I feel like a hybrid — I’m partly educated, and partly self-taught. Put differently, I didn’t study algorithms or advanced data structures in depth in school. 210 more words

Software Development

Dev Update #1 - Simple bots and creation of pathfinding nodes...

Last week I implemented some rudimentary AI for bots in my game.  Currently, they only have two modes of operation.  Attack mode, where they beeline towards the closest enemy player, and a wandering mode where they pick a random point on the map and beeline towards that.   568 more words