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Melee Update

I made the units skip their “Scan for enemy” function when they already have an enemy acquired and are in range to attack it. Melee units will now properly seek the nearest unit and kill it.

Next up, ranged units!

Mechanics Update

Pathfinding and targeting

So far so good.

I got a factory that spawns a basic unit (red and blue cubes) at x interval.

The units moves along a given path defined by an array of waypoint-coordinates. 52 more words


Pathfinding with A*

A problem that really interested me recently was pathfinding. I hacked together an isometric RPG in Codeskulptor / Python (on github here) and I wanted to have the controlled character automatically find his way around obstacles. 859 more words


Last call for FALL!

Last class Wednesday Dec 17th 7pm. Only 2 kits left! Want a kit to go? Same price w/ instructions, cutting guides, and links to photos! Bring fall pictures for prizes.

Scrapbook PlayGroups (monthly)

Fitting in

       The theme here is about careers, jobs, basically finding a way to fit into community and help people and the environment in a way that I make money. 1,481 more words

Pathfinding Algorithms

This program was originally built as part of a research report for uni. It demonstrates the relative efficiency of different pathfinding algorithms in finding the shortest path between two points on a map. 450 more words