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Breakthrough as scientists identify, map and model the toxic fragment of the Ebola virus.

Researchers from the LSU Health New Orleans School of Medicine have identified the fragment of the Ebola virus protein that is toxic to cells and may contribute to infection and illness. 547 more words


New Antibiotics: Soil bacteria show the way

The need for new antibiotics is a hot topic at the moment Рthe Longtiude Prize 2014 has offered £10 million for solving the problem of global antibiotic resistance. 372 more words


The TCA Cycle and Salmonella infection

The Tricarboxylic Acid (TCA) cycle is a key hub in metabolism, being responsible for generating NADH to be used as the primary electron donor for the respiratory electron transport chain (ETC). 316 more words

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Facebook as a Pathogen: Predicting the Next Big Thing

According to one Princeton professor, social media sites such as Facebook are akin to the pathogens that have plagued humankind, save for one important difference. 18 more words

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Dream eater part four

Casandra bridge
“They are beginning a power transfer now !”thorlan reported.”you trust them?”josh asked .”i don’t know ! I want to. I an not sure. Given the last time we had a helping hand,i am prone to scepticism !”mia said. 813 more words

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A New Antibiotic Found in Dirt Can Kill Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Tests in mice show that the new drug works against numerous nasty diseases and should stay viable for decades

Antibiotics are trusted weapons against many types of bacterial disease, but growing resistance to the drugs is a major problem. 385 more words

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Attack of the Exploding Pineapples: A Ghost Disease Could Cause Trouble in Australia

A push for pineapples to be imported into Australia from Malaysia could leave the Queensland pineapple industry at risk. 759 more words

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