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The take home message

So what have we learnt? Two months ago, I started this blog with a question in mind. To remind you, here it is;

“Is phytophora ramorum…

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GMO Cows Can Make Human Antibodies

Cows are big hulking creatures—not so great for tipping over while drunk, but great for turning into living factories that make massive quantities of antibodies. Scientists have inserted a modified human chromosome to cows that can now make human antibodies for hantavirus.

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What's That Perfume Called?

Ok, so my plan is that this blog will be about my project and journal or news articles I find interesting. However, I want to take a break from that for a second. 351 more words

Plant Pathology

Not to be underestimated: nematodes learn to avoid smelly bacteria

There are many examples of remarkable intelligence from the animal kingdom: chimpanzees can learn sign language and use tools to gather food; elephants have been known to… 592 more words

Clinical & Medical Microbiology

War of Microbes ... in Your Body!

A brutal battle takes place in our body during an infection. If our immune system is familiar with its enemy, the victory is ours in a short time. 444 more words


App Game Review: Plague Inc.


Have you ever felt the urge to destroy the world in a hilarious and manipulative way? Well now you can!

Plague Inc., a delightful app game found on IOS and Android Markets, offers you the power to infect BILLIONS of people. 260 more words