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Short-term outcomes after radical prostatectomy and surgeon training/practice site

Now here’s some data that may cause a bit of a furore … so before the US-based urologists get upset, we’d like to point out that this is a Canadian study based on data from members of the Canadian urology community in a single, unidentified Canadian province! 493 more words


New Dinosaur Discovered

Check out the latest from Michael Weilert!

Back in 1997, fossil hunters in Montana found a rock containing part of the skull and lower jaw of an unidentified small dinosaur.   378 more words

Michael Weilert MD

Would You Like An Autoimmune Disorder With Your Autoimmune Disorder? (Part 2)

When your blood sugar is 500, it is because you have diabetes. And because you have diabetes, you need insulin. It’s a terrible thing, but to its credit, it’s a fairly straightforward thing. 2,729 more words

Problem Based Learning at UPNG SMHS: An Urgent Need For Review

I just came back from the Australasian Institute of Anatomical Sciences conference in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (2014 conference) where I presented a paper titled: “Challenges of teaching anatomical pathology in Papua New Guinea; current challenges & the future”.  490 more words


The role of macrophages in inflammation, healing and repair.

Macrophages are involved in the acute and chronic forms of inflammation. Macrophages begin their life in the blood, where they are known as monocytes. When they move into tissues they undergo proliferation and differentiation to become tissue macrophages. 287 more words


The God Catholicon or My Endless Quest for Health

Oysters taste like god’s tears and true love. Two things that don’t exist? Ah ha ha. Jaded. But seriously, they make everything better. Vital. As long as they are raw and liberally sprinkled with salt. 576 more words