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There had been talk about it for some time. We even discussed the topic during the meeting of an ASCP committee that I served on previously. 215 more words


Using Teeth to Learn About Diet, Cooking and Food Processing in Prehistoric Sudan

How could someone determine what you eat from only examining the things you leave behind? To add to the challenge, you would be hypothetically deceased and unable to communicate your food preferences and cooking methods. 777 more words


General organization of spinal nerves

General organization of spinal nerves, based on Vesalius’ Plate 50. India ink and regular old paper.

The Bog Blog #3: The Final Crapter

A nurse just went into the bathroom and came out visibly shaken.
Hubby’s specimen extraordinaire has now been escorted out by security.

They are probably doing a postmortem now, even though it was still alive and launching its pan-to-nostrils offensives as it was being taken out. 31 more words

Unexpected Bonus: Highly Memorable

The Bog Blog #2: Be Afraid.

The cleaner has been into the bathroom twice and walked out in disgust both times.

I think hubby’s stool sample is creating its own little code grey in there.

Unexpected Bonus: Highly Memorable

Oreo...of the Sunflower Avenue Series

“This is how the brothas do it, huh? Huh, Oreo?”

His hips gyrated unevenly and he looked like a scarecrow that was just learning to walk. 203 more words



I chose to be a pathologist.

That’s what I’m going to do with my life.

That’ll be the way I win my bread, keep myself intellectually stimulated, and help out mankind. 18 more words