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Adventures in Grossing, Part I

So its no secret that I don’t feel that I’m the world’s best or fastest grosser. I didn’t read Lester or Westra (aka the grossing Bibles) as much as I should’ve first year and still have never finished either cover to cover. 661 more words


Urine Cytology is Complementary to Cystoscopy

Urine cytology is a common source of confusion and frustration to both urologists and pathologists. It is often viewed as insensitive and nonspecific and, thus, unreliable. 697 more words


HMRC's policy on laboratory pathology services

I have been asked about pathology services and VAT recently. HMRC’s Brief 16/13 VAT gives clarification of their policy on VAT exempt laboratory pathology services provided by state-regulated institutions and this Brief can be found on their website. 9 more words

Tax And Accounting News

social media and our grand ineptitude continuously on display

The photo and caption struck me like a backhand rising from my coffee mug. Engaged in my morning comfort ritual, I wasn’t prepared for anger before 7 a.m., but there it was. 421 more words

Three Pathologies


A redundant valve:
Fibroblasts proliferate-
All combine and clot

Like gossamer, cuckoo spit,
Fog in a thickening air.


A single rogue cell
Metastasized from the lymph… 36 more words


Trainee Worries, Level III Anecdotal Evidence, and Thoughts to Keep in Mind During Training

As you know, I serve as a junior member on one of CAP’s councils. Besides enjoying the opportunity to participate and represent the resident voice on issues that will shape the future of our profession, I always value the thought provoking conversations I am fortunate to have during our meeting dinner. 821 more words


The physical damage

I recently read an article (I can’t remember where sorry! )

It was a saddening article about a lady in her 20′s who had married her high school sweetheart. 244 more words