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Laboratory Science and Rock and Roll

This week is, “Medical Laboratory Professionals Week” and I had to come up with a Histology quiz for the veterinary students. (Histology is the study of cells as they are organized into the tissues of the body.)  I made up a simple quiz where they have to match 6 photomicrographs of tissue sections our lab stained, with their correct descriptions. 58 more words

Introduction to Madness

The family’s gone. So I thought I’d pick up some light reading. I frequently gravitate toward the philosophy section of the bookstore, and it was there I came upon the book… 340 more words

Mental Illness

Death Salon UK: a life-changing event

Earlier this month I was thrilled to have the opportunity to attend a three day conference in London that was all about death! Death Salon… 2,108 more words


Pathology for the Physical Therapist Assistant

With growing physical problems faced by people throughout the world, the prospects of career building as physical therapist assistant has grown up substantially. It is also predicted that employment opportunities in the specific sector is rising pretty fast. 332 more words

Adventures in Grossing, Part I

So its no secret that I don’t feel that I’m the world’s best or fastest grosser. I didn’t read Lester or Westra (aka the grossing Bibles) as much as I should’ve first year and still have never finished either cover to cover. 661 more words


Urine Cytology is Complementary to Cystoscopy

Urine cytology is a common source of confusion and frustration to both urologists and pathologists. It is often viewed as insensitive and nonspecific and, thus, unreliable. 697 more words


HMRC's policy on laboratory pathology services

I have been asked about pathology services and VAT recently. HMRC’s Brief 16/13 VAT gives clarification of their policy on VAT exempt laboratory pathology services provided by state-regulated institutions and this Brief can be found on their website. 9 more words

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