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The Poet-Prophet-Sage: Nietzsche and the Roles of a Philosopher

Reading the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is sometimes like groping through an obscure, dismal cavern, stumbling over stalagmites of might-worship and elitism, bashing your head against stalactites of misogyny and misanthropy, when suddenly you find yourself in a chamber of glittering insights and inspirations, precious beyond words, so beautiful they summon tears. 992 more words


TED Gives ‘Em Something to Talk About

With the click of a mouse, you can bring a world of expert guest lecturers into your classroom. The fine folks over at TED (that’s Technology, Entertainment, and Design) have posted a treasure trove of video goodness – 1,700 “talks” at last count – that you could use as anticipatory activities, discussion starters, or models of dynamic public speaking. 264 more words

Whoosh, Splash, Brr

It was late afternoon when clouds came between me and the infinite blue of the sky. They halted. And waited.

I was feeling unattended in the classroom, so I stepped out and leaned through one of the windows in the narrow corridor. 344 more words


The Pathos: Franz Ferndinand's Last Words

Immediately after Gavrilo Princip shot the Austrian archduke and his wife Sophie, Franz Ferdinand turned to his wife and said:

Sophie, Sophie, don’t die–stay alive for our children.

Pretty Little Beasts

Monsters aren’t just warts and scars, teeth and slash and claws.

Some of them look like flowers.  Like jam on toast.  Like butterflies in bellies. 82 more words


"Pathos" -- Alice Meynell



Alice Meynell

A fugitive writer wrote not long ago on the fugitive page of a magazine: “For our part, the drunken tinker is the most real personage of the piece, and not without some hints of the pathos that is worked out more fully, though by different ways, in Bottom and Malvolio.”  Has it indeed come to this?  647 more words