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Oh NO, not page 57 again!

When I was in the seventh grade, I had a math teacher that I was scared to death of! His name was Mr. Davis; he had the most piercing blue eyes and the meanest look of anyone I had ever seen. 644 more words

Off the Clutch, Give it Some Gas

So as night fell and the base seemed quiet, I asked Husband to take me out to practice driving the rental which is also a stick shift. 326 more words


Is there a recipe for patience?_2

Well I didn’t have to wait long :) I got ‘go ahead’ from customer, replies to emails, things got sorted (at least some of them) and the dreaded moment came too, my bike sort of gave up on me today, so finally that needs fixing now. 40 more words


SOLSC 2014: Learning Patience

It’s Tuesday and time to share our slices at Two Writing Teachers.

When I announced a blog break two weeks ago, I seriously thought it would be longer. 99 more words



I recently strolled into Walmart a few weeks ago to pick up a few items for a baby shower. Well… let me just say that little shopping trip was INSTANT BIRTH CONTROL. 298 more words


I feel like I am doing a fair amount of cultivation right now in several area of my life. Obvious to anyone who has perused this blog, I spend a good chunk of time cultivating my garden plot. 360 more words