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If you believe in moving into the 21st Century, believe in health care being accessible to all , if you believe it is a right not a privilege or that the overhaul to health care is long overdue; then you are on the right side of history.  468 more words

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IRS Releases Draft Versions of Forms for Health Information Reporting by Employers

The IRS released final regulations on March 5, 2014, outlining the employer reporting requirements that will take effect for the 2015 taxable year. While the final regulations specified the type of information that will need to be reported, the actual reporting forms were not issued at that time. 195 more words

Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

King Decision on ACA Subsidies

On July 22, 2014, two conflicting decisions on the legality of insurance subsidies provided in federally established health care exchanges were handed down. In the… 471 more words

Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act

Laws: Maybe We Should Write Them Down

Disdain for the letter of the law is complexly intertwined with the progressive imagination.

Kevin D. Williamson — no slouch when it comes to precise language himself — has a… 256 more words

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Where, Indeed, Is Our Health Care System Going?

Health Care, American Style: How Did We Arrive? Where Will We Go? goo.gl/hmzlEV #healio Where, indeed.—
James Amos (@jamostheelder) July 27, 2014

I hope you can read the article in the tweet above in its entirety; this is the first time I’ve ever been able to access full text papers in Psychiatric Annals on line.

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'Rats and sinking ships': James Woods spots 'liberal lapdog' catching on to mess Obamacare created

Actor James Woods shared a USA Today article about people who have health insurance but are finding their choices very limited due to implementation of the Affordable Care Act: 304 more words


By Design: Progressives Learn the Hard Way that the Constitution is Obstructionist

For The Washington Post, Charles Lane writes: President Obama’s plan to transform the U.S. health-care market is once again in trouble. This time, two Republican-appointed judges on a federal appeals court have invalidated a key portion of the program. 323 more words

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