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Open Book Medicine - a physician coach recommends curiosity

Today was one of those days when I knew why I went into medicine.  Among my new patients were two with complicated medical histories.  One was treated by a physician and improved.   489 more words

Physician Communication

What Behavioral Economics Can Teach Us About the Patient Experience

Contributor: Courtney Hummel – Senior Client Services Specialist, Emmi Solutions

In his TEDtalk, “The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory”, behavioral economist Daniel Kahneman tells a short story about a man listening to a symphony. 653 more words

Patient Engagement

Focus On Data in Era of Value-Based Models of Reimbursement

“Despite the continued prevalence of the traditional fee for service reimbursement models as the primary method of payment, over time healthcare’s reimbursement will give way to value-based models of reimbursement.” 770 more words

Managed Care Market


“Every disease is a physician.” ~ Irish Proverb

Have you ever experienced an unanticipated, three-day whirlwind in a hospital’s Trauma Unit followed by seemingly endless tests and diagnostic procedures?

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Local Hospital has New Policy: ask for dilaudid, get dilaudid no questions asked

Columbus, OH – A local hospital is trying a new, controversial but more efficient approach to medical care. “We have changed our guidelines, if you want dilaudid you get dilaudid, if you want valium, you get valium. 32 more words

Bold Hospital Planning on Operating Over Thanksgiving Weekend without Administrators

New Brunswick, NJ – Reutgers Medical Center announced Wednesday that it may operate this Thanksgiving weekend without any hospital administrators in-house. “We have been practicing trial runs by having an on-call administrator on Saturdays but taking Sundays completely off,” Janet Summers VP of n… … 14 more words