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Ebola update - Date/Time: 10-21-14 at 2330

Ebola update – Date/Time: 10-21-14 at 2330

Confirmed cases of Ebola in Ohio: 0 patients

Confirmed cases of Ebola in the entire US: 3 patients… 11 more words

Dr. Christopher Fitchner on treating PTSD with cannabis (Video)

Dr. Christopher Fitchner is the former Mental Health Director for the state of Illinois. He sat down with Cannabis Planet to discuss post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how cannabis can be an effective treatment.


Three Generally Involved In Medicare Scams (2014)

1. Hospital CEO.
2. Other staff.
3. Not a patient.
They are the ones used-
When Medicare is abused.


Episode 23: Which end first?!.....

Well today I had a lovely surprise when I arrived at work. The ward was closed as we had got several cases of Norovirus. …I had only been in on Saturday and there was no sign of anyone having it then, but it seems to be one of those illness that comes out of nowhere, causes a huge impact, then slinks off again!… 392 more words


Chiropractor in Everett, WA Treats Patients Using the Pettibon System

Proper spinal alignment plays an important role in allowing a person to maintain peak physical health. In order to provide his patients with an ongoing treatment that will help them achieve perfect spinal alignment from the comfort of their own homes, Dr. 87 more words


Export of Danish Healthcare expertise on the rise

Danish Healthcare solutions are currently benefitting from international recognition due to its high quality solutions. 382 more words

Unfinished Business

Another patient of mine died.

He was more mentally ill than physically ill so this came as quite a shock.  With his share of physical issues but healthy enough to live. 412 more words

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