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PWD Perspective 2014 Sept 20

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Published 8pm 2014-09/20:  PWD Perspective newsletter: “Read our Sunday paper to see Dementia “Thru the Looking Glass” of fellow PWD (Persons With Dementia) Life Perceptions”. 1,053 more words


Two black holes orbiting each other: the public and private health sector in SA



According to Gavin Mooney, an Australian health economist, ‘The public sector is grossly underfunded and overworked: the private sector is grossly inefficient and inequitable. 2,612 more words


GPs should get well paid but don't get greedy otherwise you'll lose support of the Public...

An article in the “Daily Mail” today say’s that 1 in 10 doctors gets paid more than the Prime Minister, I personally don’t have a problem with doctors receiving high remuneration for doing a difficult job,at least doctors do something for the country whereas David Cameron just makes people sick? 251 more words


Using Doctors?

I received this comment on my post about my experiences with pharmacists:

“The more I hear about the medical profession the more I am convinced that patients and their caregivers need to be their own advocates and take charge of their healthcare needs and then USE the dr’s for their rx pads…..yeesh….” 396 more words

A Worthwhile Study Break

These days, med school means coming to class at 8AM every day, sitting in the front row, listening to hours-long lectures, taking exams, getting out at 5PM, and inserting the occasional small group discussion, group meeting, org activity and class activity. 693 more words


Here and Now

The population I serve is mostly in their 80’s or 90’s.  And most have been given a diagnosis of Senile Dementia, indicating late onset, with a possible add-on of Complications from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease.  714 more words


Chapter 10: Restoring Nursing’s Spiritual Heritage

Chapter 10

Restoring Nursing’s Spiritual Heritage

A History of prayer in nursing

Nursing publications in America began to proliferate in the early twentieth century. Nightingale—being the forerunner— wrote a number of articles about the importance of prayer in the life of the nurse. 918 more words