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Feminism Redefined III

The fight of feminism is essentially a fight against patriarchy; the idea that men rule over the society. However, in the beginning, society was purely matriarchal in nature. 665 more words


You’ve probably seen/heard me moaning constantly about the fact that we have no central heating. We tried to turn the radiators on (and the heated towel rail in the bathroom) when we came back from our honeymoon as the flat was pretty cold with us being gone for a week, and yeah, nothing at all happened. 528 more words


The F Bomb and the Apathetic Activist

I first made the decision to start writing this blog as a reaction to all of the things I could see around me that I was concerned about, or that I felt were unfair, or that I felt people should start waking up to. 1,445 more words

Would you dye your armpit hair?


I just read an article on the Metro O N L I N E. As if it wasn’t horrible enough to be able to read this fear mongering newspaper everyday on the tube- it is now also online. 329 more words

Portraying Men on the Big Screen

So after watching this TEDx talk, I may or may not have had a thought:

What if someone made a movie, using a young poc man as the eyes and ears of the audience, as the lens with which we discover the world – and he ends up working with some kickass modern version of the amazonian warriors, or among a society that is unquestionably, powerfully matriarchal. 735 more words


How To Stay Alive In America

1.  Be privileged.  (This post could also be titled “Examining My Privilege”)

“Privilege” the word makes people very uncomfortable.  “White privilege” the phrase spins some people into denial so rapidly it will make you dizzy.  1,314 more words