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'Oh, but I couldn't control myself'

As an 18 year old female, I am all too familiar with the actions of some inappropriate, touchy-feely men who think it is wholly acceptable to grope you in public. 858 more words

We have all grown up encompassed by images of masculinity in society and are frequently pressured to wear a mask.The thing is, it’s patriarchy that says men are stupid and monolithic and unchanging and incapable. 

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Against Soft Patriarchy...

Does 1 Timothy 2:12-16 teach that all women must be submissive to all men, at all times, and in all places, because they are gullible by nature, and also, that the reason why the world is so frigged up is that the more naïve of the sexes simply refuses to resign herself to her naturally subservient role?  931 more words

1 Timothy

Roastbusters, one year on (almost)

Content warning: contains discussion of rape and sexual assault

You can literally get away with rape in this country. You can be a serial rapist, with photographic and video evidence you willingly post on social media. 694 more words

Social Justice

"They say our passions killed us"

We cared too much, slept too little

With a sparkling tinkering glint in our eyes, we thought we could change the world

Make the world more loveable; just; warm…

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Domestic Violence: A Global Standpoint

Domestic violence, though it seems like a problem that should have died out with Neanderthals and cave men, is still an issue that plagues our modern, “civilized” society. 298 more words

Women, It's Not All About You

Nowadays we raise our girls to be as “free” and “liberated” as possible. This means an entire generation of entitled young girls has grown up into entitled women. 461 more words