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God's ideal or man's ideal, the many ways of motherhood

Somewhere along the lines I have bought into the lie that to be a good Christian mom I need to stay home, keep my house clean, plan out my meals and bake my own bread.

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A message from Ani, the Almighty

I just wanted to share this in response to and in alliance with this Huffington Post article, which informed me that Salma Hayek said that she wasn’t a feminist while receiving an award for fighting for women’s rights. 512 more words


The Double Standard’s in South Asian Culture.

We South Asians are experts in creating double standards when it comes to gender.  I have been conscious of how my culture defines different expectations based on gender. 706 more words

Comic Review: Bitch Planet #1 Part V

If you’re coming to this post cold, know that this is spoiler-filled. You can find the earlier installments here: Part I. Part II. … 852 more words


Lengthy Post: on Mormonism, Patriarchy, Abuse, and Me

Today was the first time since last December that I attended a Sacrament meeting at the Mormon church.

I’m not entirely sure what made me want to attend, but I have been wanting to for a while. 1,809 more words

December 2014


I don’t like you.

It’s not just that I don’t think we have anything in common and hence my feelings towards you are less than lukewarm.   387 more words

Female Sexuality