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Why asking: “What if it were your mother/sister/daughter?” sucks

Happy Thursday everyone! It has been an exceedingly long time since I posted anything and we should all be very angry at my exams for that! 737 more words

Daily Feminism

I'd be Stupid to not be on My Own Side!

As I’m sitting here at my desk, I have yesterday’s Boston (MA, USA) Globe newspaper next to me.  These are some of the headlines, big and small, that I see: 705 more words

i have meghan trainor stuck in my head, and i wish she'd go bother someone else

aside from the consistent attempt at erosion and assimilation of black identity in pop culture that she perpetuates with her vocalization style -

aside from her definitely not being a size two but certainly not having anything notable to “shake it shake it” with, because she’s probably not more than a size 8 or 10 and thus does not have any particular authority to speak to what fat-phobia really targets in our culture - 235 more words

Mick Harris

On Love: The value of love

In the third part of this series of posts about Love I thought to address the subject of the ‘value of love’.

When we talk about the value of things we talk about the amount they worth (money wise), the degree of importance and usefulness they have, and their special characteristics. 615 more words


Has feminism had it's day?

The first thing to point out here is that my opinion isn’t necessary here to understand the relevance of this question. What I mean by this, is you need to look at a collective opinion to see whether this feminist movement is redundant or relevant. 388 more words


Girls in patriarchy

Mónica sends this video, which makes a fantastic (and highly complex) feminist point on gender analysis. Hope you enjoy it! (It’s a marketing campaign to sell something, sanitary pads, but the message is feminist, it relates to values connected to women’s human rights — which actually makes much more sense than the TV spots on menstruation that we get from patriarchal viewpoints.) 52 more words