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I'm not a weapon

As a homeschooled child/adult/person, I’m really tired of being called a weapon. Last week I read an article that compared homeschooled students to “firearms in private hands… 770 more words


Let's end the destructive cycles

Content note: discussion of rape, marital rape, their sexual and emotional consequences

Firstly, greetings! I break the silence after some two months. So many topics are bouncing around in my head; hopefully I will get them out onto…not paper, since I so rarely write by hand these days…soon, and it will be quieter in here. 1,157 more words

Critical Analysis

Marital Rape: Not a Myth

by Aparna Gupta

Every 6 hours, a young married woman is burnt or beaten to death, or driven to suicide from emotional abuse by her husband. 685 more words


10 Myths Used to Keep Women in Subjection, And the Truth to Set Them Free

Myth 1:
Adam named the animals in Eden; this means that he had authority over them. Adam named Eve; this means that he must have had authority over her also. 1,470 more words

Is marriage a form of prostitution?

This essay will demonstrate that marriage can be viewed as a legal form of prostitution, despite the myths surrounding marriage and sex within marriage. This is mainly due to the obvious economic-sexual transactions that seem to take place within a marriage, which are similar to the transactions that take place between a ‘typical’ prostitute and their client. 1,359 more words


So Much More, p. 23-32 - Part 2: Women's Work

If you’ve read even a tiny bit of evangelical literature on gender roles, you’ve probably encountered the idea that men are supposed to provide and lovingly self-sacrifice for their families. 1,977 more words

How We Mold Men -- "Fury"

by Gabriel Valdez

There is a review for Fury in my head that I will never write. I’ll try to tell you why:

Fury follows a tank crew pushing into Nazi Germany late in World War 2, but this is merely what happens. 1,250 more words

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