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Appearance, part 8: Appearance and Christianity

Christianity isn’t the only religion that places restrictions, implicitly or explicitly, on the appearances of its adherents—Islam, predictably, is another that springs to mind—but it’s the only one that I have personal experience with, and I ended up with enough to say about it alone to fill a whole post. 924 more words


Dear Call-me-Dave

It’s not you;
It’s me.
We want different things
In Life
And mine is complicated
And, truly,
I just don’t deserve you
So it’s better if you… 128 more words


Sex Work: Where Feminism is Getting it Wrong

Feminism is not some straightforward, objective force of justice. There’s the exclusion of anyone who isn’t white, cis-female and middle class, for starters. There are times when the ideas of feminism can be taken and transformed into something exclusionary and discriminatory, such as in the disgusting bigotry of… 659 more words

The School of Roots: Abominable, Rotting Birds and Women

                  I am returning to Hélène Cixous’ astonishing book Three Steps on the Ladder of Writing. The section is entitled “The School of Roots.” 2,142 more words


Ten Signs You're in a 19th Century Lost World Novel

You have killed.

You are a white male.

This land is “alien”.

You are using racial slurs.

The heat, at some point, will be unbearable. 46 more words


Notes on Motherhood & Why I Trust Adrienne Rich More Than Any Therapist

I don’t write about motherhood often. I mention my child so little, in fact, that I feel like most of my readers & social media followers are probably unaware that I am a mother. 2,412 more words