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George W. Bush's education time bomb

Some of our former President’s policies were clearly and obviously dumb, like the two wars that have left two countries in ruins, or his refusal to raise taxes to pay for those wars, or the laissez-faire attitude toward high finance that opened the door to the 2008 Wall Street meltdown. 572 more words

George W. Bush

Obama Legalizes Unlocked Cell Phones

(WASHINGTON) — President Obama signed a bill into law on Friday that made it legal for consumers to unlock their cell phone without permission from their wireless provider after their contract has expired. 202 more words


Beefed-up Senate bill takes a swing at the NSA

US Senator Patrick Leahy on Tuesday introduced a brawnier version of the limp, watered-down USA Freedom Act that the House passed in May – one of a set of competing bills designed to curb… 970 more words


Senate NSA Reform Bill Earns Cautious Praise From Privacy Advocates

Advocates for reform of the National Security Agency’s domestic surveillance activities cautiously hailed the USA Freedom Act, put forth in the Senate on Tuesday, as a major step in reforming controversial programs at the agency. 381 more words

Why Did Bernie Sanders Get Gaza So Wrong?

Senators Sanders & Leahy Join in Deeply Flawed Resolution Supporting Israel

By James Marc Leas | CounterPunch | July 24, 2014

All 100 Senators, including Vermont’s Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy, joined in passing a 

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Ethnic Cleansing, Racism, Zionism

Study: Judicial Vacancies Are Jamming Up the System

Talmadge Nix, a lawyer with the firm Nix and Poet in eastern Texas, represents a Chinese national who has been sitting in jail for months. Arrested as part of a prostitution conspiracy ring, the woman has a green card and she doesn’t want to plead guilty for fear of how it might affect her immigration status. 755 more words

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick compares deporting illegal immigrants to sending Jews to concentration camps

  Today Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick made a disgusting attempt to shame opponents of illegal immigration into submission by comparing them to what happened at the outbreak of WWII. 255 more words