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Mountain Landscape: Mount Ida

Emergency Services
There are not any. So do not have an accident. And if you do, pray for a speedy end on the mountainside. It will be less uncomfortable than the fate that awaits you in most clinics.

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Cycling the Lower Danube. Eurovelo 6. Day 11.

By the time we got to Giurgiu, we knew we didn’t have time to get to the Black Sea as we had to get back to our respective homes. 263 more words

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Strength in Weakness: Hospitality in Homer’s Odyssey

In reading the Odyssey—for the first time since high school, I should mention, and as research for what will one day become my second book—I have been amazed at the treatment of the stranger. 670 more words

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Patrick Leigh Fermor - A Man Of Style and Substance

It’s fashionable for humans to think themselves as adventurous, charming, erudite, courageous and gritty. Most of us have some of these qualities in varying degrees and even showcase it from time to time. 1,430 more words

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Visiting Paddy's grave

We were in Stratford-upon-Avon at the weekend to watch two brilliant performances of Shakespeare’s Henry IV parts I and II, and on the way home we paused to visit Paddy’s grave. 25 more words

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Peace and rumours of peace

I have just finished, very close together, Hide and Seek by Xan Fielding and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John Le Carré. At first glance, you’d think they have nothing much in common. 841 more words


This was the day we entered the gorge that leads eventually to the Iron Gates.  When Patrick Leigh Fermor visited it in the 1930s the Danube here was still unchecked, and for 100 miles rushed between a succession of narrow defiles, swirling and crashing.   45 more words

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