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Patrick Leigh Fermor - A Man Of Style and Substance

It’s fashionable for humans to think themselves as adventurous, charming, erudite, courageous and gritty. Most of us have some of these qualities in varying degrees and even showcase it from time to time. 1,430 more words

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Visiting Paddy's grave

We were in Stratford-upon-Avon at the weekend to watch two brilliant performances of Shakespeare’s Henry IV parts I and II, and on the way home we paused to visit Paddy’s grave. 25 more words

Patrick Leigh Fermor

Peace and rumours of peace

I have just finished, very close together, Hide and Seek by Xan Fielding and Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy by John Le Carré. At first glance, you’d think they have nothing much in common. 841 more words


East Neuk

It has been a hectic week, starting with a day trip to York to run a workshop for the university, no mean feat from Highland Perthshire where I live, and culminating in a phone call from my 23-year-old son Jake, so excited he could hardly speak, to say that he has finally got the job he wanted after nearly a year of dogged perseverance with application processes, recruitment agencies and HR departments. 621 more words


Darius Prepares for War

Daily Diodorus
Vol. VIII. Book XVII Ch. 7 (Loeb Classical Library)
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Darius Misjudges Alexander
Memnon Fails to Take Cyzicus… 752 more words

Diodorus Siculus

as I walked out ... again

There is a superb essay by Robert MacFarlane on As I Walked Out One Midsummer Morning here.  I appreciate his acknowledgement of those who walk and tramp due to poverty, and his engagement with this part of Lee’s book, rather then romanticisation or skipping over.   91 more words

Well met by moonlight

Peter Tomkins wrote a very good paper a few years ago about the use of caves in prehistoric Greece. Most of these caves have been interpreted as places where people lived, although we have some very well-known Minoan and Mycenaean cult sites in caves. 405 more words

Caves And Rock-Shelters