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'Indiana Jones of Doctor Who' hints at more lost episodes (with video)

Doctor Who fanatics are ecstatic over reports that more lost episodes of the cult classic are set to be released, the Daily Mirror is reporting. 494 more words


Film review: The Gorgon (1964)

Director: Terence Fisher. Writer: John Gilling, based on a story by J. Llewellyn Devane. Starring: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Richard Pasco, Barbara Shelley, Patrick Troughton, Michael Goodliffe, Prudence Hyman. 829 more words


The Power of the Daleks

Another from DWM #474 and genuinely one of my favourite Doctor Who stories. In as much as one can tell.

Patrick Troughton

Enemy of the World - Production Code PP, Story 40

Ah, long lost Doctor Who. It was previously believed that only the third episode of this story existed. A lot of Troughton’s episodes have unfortunately been lost due to some moronic practices by the BBC. 496 more words

Doctor Who

The Enemy of the World

This, and the next seven posts which will follow – umm – in time, are all from DWM #474, and that big poll feature.

I wouldn’t want to have reviewed… 450 more words

Patrick Troughton

6.2 - "The Mind Robber"

Escaping from Dulkis, the TARDIS crew are shifted sideways into the Land Of Fiction. Can The Doctor, Jamie and Zoë escape from the Clockwork Soldiers & White Robots, or will The Doctor be destined to become the new Master of the Land? 1,317 more words

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Doctor Who Marathon: The Krotons

Writer: Robert Holmes
Director: David Maloney
Producer: Peter Bryant
Story Number: 47
Number of Episodes: 4
Season: 6

When I first started digging into classic… 1,011 more words