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Power of the Daleks, Part 2

The Doctor, Ben, and Polly are ordered out of the laboratory by the head researcher, Lesterton.  He and his team rush to finish their study of the Daleks, which is the Doctor is desperately trying to stop.  393 more words


Power of the Daleks, Part 1

Ben and Polly adjust to the newly regenerated Doctor, who is not without his eccentricities.  Ben doesn’t even really buy he’s the Doctor, and the Doctor’s bizarre behavior doesn’t help that.  307 more words


Reputation, blockbusting and The Invasion (1968)

We watch The Invasion now in a post-Web of Fear world. We’ve long known that this iconic Cyber adventure was spawned because Doctor Who… 1,105 more words

The Omen (1976)

Ah, the original Damien trilogy. I don’t really hold any real nostalgia for the first three movies in the Omen series. I’ve seen all of them only once before, and they didn’t leave an impact to me the same way as say the… 537 more words

Watched Movie

The Tenth Planet, Part 4

(This episode only exists as a reconstruction, but I’m taking my screencaps from the recently released animated reconstruction of Part Four).  This is one of those episodes where I skip the summary, and tell you all you need to watch this episode to believe it.  268 more words

First Doctor

Rani, Ronnies and the Return (February 2nd-16th 1985)

Carrying on with the Doctor Who but returning this week is the Two Ronnies whom never fail to amuse me.

Doctor Who – Mark Of The Rani (February 2nd/9th 1985) 689 more words


Sanity, sleeptime and The Wheel in Space (1968)

Hello from the future! Oh look at you back in 2015. Did you enjoy Peter Capaldi’s first season? Wait until he’s rejoined by Amy and Jamie and the TARDIS implodes from the utter Scottishness of it all. 1,270 more words