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My Top Ten Doctor Who Themes PART I

A lot of shows have great theme songs, but Doctor Who has one of the best in my opinion. There have been many versions of the Doctor Who theme because of the wonders of technology and talented composers. 752 more words

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Give a monkey control of its environment and it'll fill the world with bananas. Doctor Who - The Two Doctors

The Two Doctors is, to put it mildly, a real mixed bag.  Robert Holmes was asked to include a number of elements – a foreign setting (originally New Orleans, later Seville), the Second Doctor and Jamie and the Sontarans.  1,965 more words


Doctor Who - Freedom of the Daleks

Doctor Who has existed for 50 years but aside from the televised adventures there have been reams of comic strips, stacks of novels and reels of audio tapes (not to mention many many audio adventures produced by Big Finish!). 353 more words

Doctor Who

Anniversary special - Missing Episode Recovery

It is fitting I think to mark the first anniversary of the speculation made fact – when at midnight (or before the embargo in the case of one northern newspaper) the news fans were waiting for was confirmed: nine previously missing episodes of Doctor Who had been recovered, restored and (best of all) released. 312 more words

Brian Blessed Could Have Been the 2nd Doctor!

Gregarious actor Brian Blessed, most famous for his role as Prince Vulcan in Flash Gordon (1980),  was offered the chance to succeed William Hartnel on the seminal British sci-fi show “Doctor Who”. 189 more words

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The Omen (1976)

A movie that really has stood the test of time. From the brilliant cast to the rather chilling story, The Omen has been a hit since it arrived in the cinema’s. 382 more words

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A cosmos without the Doctor scarcely bears thinking about. Doctor Who - The Five Doctors

For me, The Five Doctors defies critical analysis as to watch it is to be twelve again, when it seemed like the best programme ever.  Time may have slightly tempered that enthusiasm, but I still find it’s impossible to rewatch it without a silly grin appearing on my face from time to time. 1,160 more words