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Confessions Of A Former Truther

In Defense Of The Stupid: Perspectives By A Reformed Truther

To varying degrees, those who imagine that they have taken part in the popular alternative media notion that they have “woken up” begin to reference the majority of the remaining population as stupid. 3,030 more words

The Corporation Nation

Scenes of America

This is a slideshow I made…thought I would post it here :)

Show patriotism any time of year

Before next Remembrance Day, please publish the proper behaviour for members of the public to observe during ceremonies and parades.

Do we sing along to O Canada and God Save the Queen? 67 more words


Summary of Stefan Berger’s “History and national identity: why they should remain divorced”

(One of my first university pieces)

Stefan Berger’s article is intrinsically critical of historiographic nationalism in its description of the development of this over the past few centuries. 610 more words


Two weeks ago it was Verterans day and I'd rather focus on that than Ferguson

I’ve Never Seen This Before, 

At 11:11 A.M. Duly Impressed.  

Once A Year At 11:11 AM The Sun Shines Perfectly On This Memorial  

At precisely 11:11 a.m. 481 more words

Civil Society



Watching the Ferguson verdict tonight, I am sickened by humanity. Let’s start with the obvious… Darren Wilson was not idicted, and rightly so. The evidence that was talked about seems to show that he was just trying to protect himself. 691 more words