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Why I Don't Stand Up for the Pledge of Allegiance:

Here in America, we are taught at a very young age that patriotism should be almost as important as breathing. In the state of North Carolina, schools are encouraged to make time for the pledge but also allow students not to participate.  304 more words


Sam’s Blog: He Wants Your Kid’s Halloween Candy!

Who is this sinister looking candy loving ghoul? He’s probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. He’s Doctor Arnold Cutler, long time Lakeside dentist and tooth decay action hero. 185 more words


We Hail Thee

The ghosts of our stymied nationhood

Beat hasty retreat into echoing chambers of heritage

Prospects of a pleasant after life experience repulsed

Subliminal honour of celestial acceptance rebuffed… 229 more words


मैले देखेको सपना

हिजो मैले देखे एउटा सपना

सपना मा त लग्यो बिपना झैँ त्यो सपना

भन्छु है त बिपना झैँ लाग्ने सपना मा देखेको कुरा मैले

देखे मैले सान्ति बिश्व भरि छाएको

मित्रता को भावना सबैको मनमा आएको

क्रन्दन, कोलाहल र चित्कार को माहोल बिश्व बाटै हटेको

सान्ति र सुरक्ष्याको बिगुल बिश्व भरि फैलिएको

महिला हिंसा बिरुध्ह सभै दाजु, भाइहरु लगेचन  है

अब दिदि बहिनि हरु ढुक्क संग हिड्ने छन् है

सभै निरङ्कुश ससक ले घुडा टेकेछन् है

जनता को सासन, जनता लाई सासन, जनता बाट सासन हुने रे है

सभै फुल हरु फुल्न र फक्रन पाउने छन् है

सभै बालबालिका हरु आमाको न्यानो काख र बाबा को छत्र छाया पाउने छन् है

रातो माटो र हरियो वन सबैले जोगाउने रे

कार्बन को मात्रा सबैले घटाउने रे

नेपाल तेस्रो मुलुक रहेन रे

चेतना, सान्ति र सीक्स्या ले हामी पनि पहिलो मुलुक भयेउ रे

हिजो मैले देखे एउटा सपना

सपना मा त लग्यो बिपना झैँ त्यो सपना



Patriotic.  I have always considered myself to be patriotic.  I’m sure part of that feeling comes from Dad always flying the flag on special holidays and his service during World War II. 836 more words

American Flag

Chromatic Chords From a Beat Up Fender

I turned the corner
to see where that sun beam
was shining;
guitar case lying open
passers’ by pitched quarters
while I stood, star struck… 92 more words

Many Changes In The Works

Hello again everyone.

I just wanted to briefly go over the numerous changes that you can expect in the coming days and weeks leading up to Advent, the beginning of the New Liturgical year in Christ Jesus Our Lord. 399 more words