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I forgot about Penthesileia

When I was describing my dream TV show, I forgot to talk about how I wanted to work in Penthesileia into the final season.

The way I see it, Achilles is still mourning for Patroclos, and goes out riding by himself, trying to come to terms with his grief, but wearing in full armor, just in case.   138 more words


I can't get away with it, can I?

I can’t say “take it up the ass” in an academic paper, can I?

Some context.  My final paper is about, well, a lot of things, but let’s make it simpler than it is and say that it’s just looking at the way in which Achilles’ sexuality is represented in re-tellings and depictions of the Trojan War myth over time, and how that is symbolic of and caused by the era’s ideas of masculinity.   601 more words


Someday I will learn.

I need to figure out the right way to handle academic writing.  I’m sitting there, surrounded by books (not to mention my iPad, which is stuffed with journal articles and scanned-in book extracts), and every time I need to make a quote or cite a particular point, I have to grind to a halt and search through as many as half a dozen texts to figure out which one is the one I’m looking for. 270 more words


Ulrich von Lichtenstein

I had no idea there was really a person by that name.  (Or using it as a pen name?)  But there was.  He wrote a (probably fictional) autobiography in verse that was largely about him courting ladies and jousting, sometimes in a dress.   207 more words


Complications, as always.

So–as I should have posted last night, if I hadn’t been too flippered by the fog–my final paper for my class (and thus my Master’s Thesis beyond it) has suddenly changed.   1,540 more words


My biggest worry...

…about the presentation is what people are going to think about me/ask me about afterwards.  It’s not that I don’t think I can answer their questions, or that they’ll ask a question that I don’t know the answer to that I really ought to.   411 more words


NaNo is over!

And after two weeks of “oh my god, I’m never going to be ready for this presentation” I’m suddenly in a state of “wait, am I  1,201 more words