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Heritage Village, Mimi Bay - Aims


  1. Involve and engage the older citizens from all across the island to mainly volunteer to serve daily or on special occasions as:
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My Patreon Page!

Hi everyone!  I’m very excited to announce that my Patreon page is up and running!  In case some of you are unsure what Patreon is, it is a crowdfunding website that allows fans to give ongoing donations to their favourite creators!   331 more words


35 pictures that sum up a pretty fantastic 2013-14 Season!

The 2013-14 season was a special year for the HPO. We hosted the circus, mixed beatboxing with classical music and said farewell to Maestro James Sommerville to name a few memorable moments…but before we launch into a thrilling new concert season, take a look back at some of these amazing memories from last year.


Homelessness, mental illness, and the library

This crossed my desktop the other day:


I know mental illness is a large issue with the homeless – at least one third have a serious mental illness, say the estimates that I could fine.  555 more words

Mental Illness

Very Successful Prairie Pasture Tour

Thanks to Trevor Herriot for leading a stimulating and informative tour through a prairie pasture on July 9th where participants found moving numbers of birds and native grass and plant species. 138 more words


To the Patron that just called me...

To the patron that just called me,

Yes we are closed this weekend. Yes I am certain.

No I am not giving you the number of the “most superior librarian” in the main library. 189 more words


A Brief Aside

So, this has nothing to do with my writing, but I feel the need to address something:

I just read an article written by a bar tender all about his pet peeves, and he brought up something that I’ve read a number of waiters and waitresses write about in the past:  Tipping.   412 more words