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Not Just Our Workers: Taking Care of All Persons in our Libraries.

Today, Team ACCESS presented their short presentation on accessibility in the workplace. We focused primarily on workers in libraries. However, everything that can be related to workers, can be related to patrons with disabilities. 295 more words

Finding New Faces

In community theatre, it can be hard to get new faces into the door. You’re working with a very limited budget, and posters only go so far. 267 more words

“The Bridge” by Karen Kingsbury

“The Bridge” by Karen Kingsbury is a beautiful book.  I was in love with the characters and the storyline from the first page.  It is a story of loss, discouragement, and hope after a disastrous flood. 134 more words

Book Review

The Best Question

Librarians get a lot of questions. Is this book in? How do I print? Can you help me with my eReader? Where are your tax forms? 221 more words


Job Description Includes Miracle Worker

“Can I ask you a question?”

When someone calls me on the phone and asks this or “Are you guys open?” it takes every ounce of restraint in my sarcastic body to not say, “No,” and hang up on them because it would be awesome. 409 more words


What is Selling Out These Days?

As I creep slowly up the music business food chain and have thought about the state of the music business, I have had to think about what the term selling out means. 569 more words

'tis the cropping season

On raccourcit…. 

Are tops getting shorter on your corner of the globe ? Yes, the crop top trend is here to stay for a bit longer it seems. 250 more words