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Things people think

By Gordon Rugg

There’s a wryly humorous summary of models of humanity that floats around in academia. It appears in various forms; the one below has an astute punch line that highlights the amount of implicit assumption in the early models. 2,187 more words

Useful Concepts

Scala pattern matching? Be careful :)

A few days ago I experienced one of the scala pattern matching rules in action. Luckily I already had a unit test that prevented this very hidden bug :) This is the test and the first version of the code which was perfectly working: 293 more words


Connectionism and neural networks

By Gordon Rugg

There have been a lot of major changes in cognitive psychology over the last thirty-odd years. One of the biggest involves the growth of… 3,933 more words

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Head scratching pattern matching

For my second project, I decided to go for a patterned fabric.  This fabric!  I think it’s by Kokka, but I got mine from a local crafts shop and it’s from available online. 205 more words