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Day 347

Freelensing on the side of the road and the curve and this car caught my eye.


Sneak Peak!

I feel like I hardly have a moment to spare to even write this post. As happy as I am to have given myself a deadline when products, packing, etc needed to be ready to debut, I feel like there’s no way I’m going to get it all done. 177 more words



Communication team went on a field trip today! <3


Building Up Your Tactical Arsenal

Rather than going over another game today, I figured that it might be better to give a study recommendation. I’m sure that everyone has heard of Lazlo Polgar’s famous book, 5334 Problems, Combinations, and Games, and furthermore, I’m willing to bet a fair number of people own it! 664 more words



So far, the things on my list of “Stuff I want to make when I get a sewing machine” are:

Bellbottoms (black paisley)

A floral kimono (floral silk/fringe) 29 more words


Brief Update: Fabric On Demand Weirdness and Tutorial Progress

So, as promised, I’m trying to keep it brief while I push through costume prep and–soon–costume sewing.

Fabric On Demand Weirdness

The night before last, my girlfriend checked the mail and brought me a package. 451 more words