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Black Coffee

Calling it quits after a long day. . . . coffee to go, coffee all gone.

New York City nightscape.

Black And White Photography


Sitting it out on the sunny side of the street in Chinatown . . . .

New York City lunchtime.

Black And White Photography

Arriving in India

I arrived to India a few days before my CFHI program and became acclimated to being back in the country I had visited many times before. 125 more words

Steam Noir

A dark night of shadows, rain and rising steam in the streets of Philadelphia.

Photo from iPhone via strange experience of posting from iPad.  As with Robyn from days before, laptop is now being repaired – the touch pad seized up and said very firmly “No More!”

Black And White Photography

See with the brain

Visionary Neurologist Oliver Sacks on What Hallucinations Reveal about How the Mind Works

“We see with the eyes, but we see with the brain as well.” 644 more words

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Leaving Rural Patti, India

Being able to see healthcare practiced in the small village of Patti was an interesting and eye-opening experience. Although I am leaving I had a great experience here that I will never forget. 28 more words