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Vista Cruising

   This car is a reasonably familiar sight to me but always, 
   it takes me by surprise.  A stealth car, it cruises by in
   silence as though on a visit from the past and still I am
   yet to catch a glimpse of the driver. 35 more words
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The Leftovers, S1E8 - Cairo

This episode is all about Patti. The screen lights up when Ann Dowd is in the frame, and everything else in Cairo takes a backseat. It starts with intercutting scenes of Kevin setting the table for a nice dinner, and Patti placing clothes on the floor of the otherwise empty church floor. 765 more words


Invader's October Recommendations: Doug's Halloween Adventure

Doug was so interesting wasn’t it?

Seriously, out of all the Nicktoons there were, this was the most normal of all of them. I still say that Doug could have been a live action show and nothing would’ve been different. 702 more words


Light My Fire

Lighting up the NYC nightlife, a warm evening as the heat of summer lingers in the streets.

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