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Censorship and Frank Zappa

My post the other week about doing a Frank Zappa talk as part of the forthcoming Frank Zappa music festival in Bangor has just taken an unexpected and very disappointing twist. 198 more words

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Final Final Thoughts on Melodic Analysis

I have been discussing melodic and harmonic analysis with my students over the last few weeks. As a random exercise – we thought it would be useful to consider how some of these techniques are incorporated into the top 10. 417 more words

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Student Entrepreneurship Projects

Me and a colleague have been working with a range of interesting student entrepreneurship projects over the last few months. They range from music for media initiatives to Wedding Bands to the production of a concept album. 82 more words

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More thoughts on Vertical Melodic Analysis

After last weeks post on Horizontal melodic analysis – here are a few thoughts I am discussing with students regarding the vertical dimension. Although there any many ways I have considered this through the years – I have condensed it down to the following… 255 more words

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Today's Glenn Greenwald: Last week's Glenn Greenwald is "extremely misinformed" about First Look Media

Five days ago, Glenn Greenwald responded angrily to critics who suggested that The Intercept’s attempts to discredit the popular Serial podcast were motivated by click-whoring. The fearless truth-teller wrote on Reddit: 254 more words


More thoughts on Melody Analysis

This weeks musicology lecture examined  ways in which it is possible to analyse popular music melody – specifically from a horizontal perspective. I think this is an area that is under represented in popular music analysis – so here is some terminology you may find useful. 494 more words

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Charing Cross Road and Balls Pond Road (bombardy lager climate). The first and last photos in this post were taken by Paul Carr.