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Review of London Falling by Paul Cornell - Book 1 of The Shadow Police series

This is the start of a new series featuring occult wrongdoing in London. So with the likes of Kate Griffin writing the Midnight Mayor series and Ben Aaronovitch’s Peter Grant series, can Paul Cornell’s offering stand up in such company? 487 more words

Book Review

The Severed Streets

Quill, Costain, Sefton and Ross are back for their second outing in Paul Cornell’s “The Severed Streets”.

In this, the second book of the Shadow Police series, the team have to deal with the return of Jack the Ripper.  184 more words

Doctor Who reviews: Kill the Moon

In regards to last week’s Doctor Who episode “The Caretaker,” the author of the WordPress blog A Succession of Busy Nothings wrote “Occasionally, an episode of Doctor Who comes along that leaves me… confused. 2,044 more words

Doctor Who

Review copies recently arrived: Bear, Cornell, Huff, Nix

That’s Elizabeth Bear’s KAREN MEMORY, Tanya Huff’s THE FUTURE FALLS, Paul Cornell’s THE SEVERED STREETS, and Garth Nix’s CLARIEL.


Return of Television, and Book 21: London Falling

Let’s make something clear: I love television.

I don’t know if that’s something that I’ve specifically declared on this blog before, but an astute reader may have picked up at least that I am not against television from references I’ve made to, for example, Doctor Who. 1,332 more words

Do You Wanna Build a Book Fort?

I have a book buying problem. I also have a book receiving problem. That happens when you work in a bookstore. The publishers send you advance copies of books. 656 more words