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Return of Television, and Book 21: London Falling

Let’s make something clear: I love television.

I don’t know if that’s something that I’ve specifically declared on this blog before, but an astute reader may have picked up at least that I am not against television from references I’ve made to, for example, Doctor Who. 1,332 more words

Do You Wanna Build a Book Fort?

I have a book buying problem. I also have a book receiving problem. That happens when you work in a bookstore. The publishers send you advance copies of books. 656 more words


Adventures in FantasyCon 2014

It’s been a bit of a weekend.

This is the first time I’ve been to FantasyCon, the annual convention of the British Fantasy Society, held this year in the historic walled city of York. 829 more words


Detail Catalog Continued

So in my last post, I sang the praises of Random Unappreciated Bowler Hat Guy Who Pops Up in Gridlock And Makes My Day. Let’s keep looking at unappreciated details in Doctor Who, partly because this is a really unappreciated topic, partly because I just joined… 512 more words

Feeding the Mind

Today is World Literacy Day. If you follow my blog, you already benefit from this powerful skill. And if you are anything like me, you are looking for works upon which to use it, so I thought I would share a list of authors whose work I really enjoyed in the last 12 months. 247 more words


FantasyCon 2014

So it turns out I actually have an official schedule, of sorts, for this year’s Fantasycon in York this weekend. I may not be promoting books – … 179 more words


Throwback Interview: Paul Cornell (2002)

Years ago, I had a column I wrote on the defunct Who Central site, which covered the then-current Eighth Doctor series of Doctor Who novels, writing reviews, thoughts, and the occasional interview.  4,429 more words