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Music That's Never Played the Same Way Once

I read a lot of books about jazz, some of them my own and others from whatever library is closest in one place or another. At the moment, I’m in a jazz-starved corner of Utah where any mention I make of “jazz” is met with “Yeah, it’s a great team.” Why Utah would choose to name its professional basketball team after music that’s hardly known here from the look of things is beyond me. 679 more words


American Art: Dave Brubeck 1920 - 2012

Dave Brubeck‘s enduring influence on me had an unlikely beginning. In the early 1980s I found a stack of discarded albums in a dumpster in an alley in my university neighborhood, along with some furniture, books, and other household items (evidence of a hastily-abandoned student apartment) I rescued a few classical music albums, a Chinese cookbook, and a 1953… 527 more words

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Take Cinco

Here’s a cool version of everyone’s favorite, Take Five.

It’s also mixed with the song, “One,” by Metallica. It’s really cool, actually.

I’m os very tired right now. 41 more words


2002 MTA Award - Identifying Bear Market Bottoms & New Bull Markets by Paul Desmond

07/22/14 . . . 


  • My charts were completely revamped during June 2014 and minor alteration are always underway.  If you haven’t seen them recently, make sure and take a look.  
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Jazz Café Sampler

My Mom was going through a bunch of stuff and gave me a pile of CDs. Most of it’s stuff no one would want (I’ll donate most of it) but this short jazz compilation from Borders bookstore was pretty damn cool. 69 more words