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Paul Ehrlich's Overpopulation Message Even More Relevant Today

Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich wrote a best-selling book in 1968 called The Population Bomb. It was so popular he appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. 133 more words



Thinking is very important, and even though some think with their private parts most thinking comes from the grey matter laying in the skull called the brain. 406 more words

Twenty Percent Must Die

Everything will be fine if 2 billion people die in the next ten years. That would be quite a change in world population growth trajectories, which have us at 8 million by 2027. 493 more words

David Hackett Fischer

The Population Bomb: How we survived it / “There is virtually no question that world population growth rates will continue to decline,”

Public release date: 30-Mar-2011

ANN ARBOR, Mich.—World population will reach 7 billion this year, prompting new concerns about whether the world will soon face a major population crisis. 452 more words

Counter Intuitive - Medical

For the Year 2100, the Only Question That Counts

Have we learned to live within the means of our sweet blue planet?

Ever since Paul Ehrlich published The Population Bomb in 1968, he has been ridiculed by the right, who say his claims were, and still are, nonsense. 881 more words

The World

Prophesy from Orwell to Ehrlich

When I was a student (about half a century ago) I once hitched a lift with a lorry driver who asked me what I was studying. 912 more words

Sociology Of Climate Change


Paul Ehrlich (1854)

Ehrlich was a German bacteriologist who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1908 for his work on immunology. He is also noted for his work in… 51 more words