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How Social Justice Warriors Such As Paul Elam & Blue Pill Soccer Dads ie. W.F Price & Dalrock Ruined The Manosphere

For a start, the so called manosphere today, is NOT the real manosphere

The vast majority of blogs in the manosphere, claiming to be red pill, are anything but red pill… 573 more words

A Voice For Men Welcomes You to Misogyny Fest 2014

Hey fellas! Do you consider yourself a masculine man? Do you loathe our oppressive gynocracy with every fiber of your being? Are you sick of having… 449 more words


Exploring the Manosphere #3: MGTOW Forums

After profiling two relatively large Men’s Rights websites, I’ll be turning to a lesser-known one called MGTOW Forums in my third installment of “Exploring the Manosphere.” … 3,047 more words


I created Paul Elam, and now I need your help to rein him in

The jig is up. I and my collaborators have kept it secret for a long time now, but for reasons I will explain in a moment, I feel I need to come clean about this now, before it is too late: 635 more words

A Voice For Men

Men's Rights Groups Advocate Violence Against Feminists After Woman is Attacked

Danielle D’Etremont, a student an Queen’s University was attacked by a man who knew her name. She had received threatening emails from Men’s Rights Activists and was actively opposing a Men’s Group on Queen’s campus. 807 more words


Dr. Lol Elam Gets Bossy

If you don’t know about the #banbossy campaign, then look here first. If you don’t want to click the link, I’ll give you the short version. 360 more words


A pig wearing lipstick

BY Jim Byset

IT IS UNDENIABLE that the MHRM has gained traction in the past few years.  Men’s advocacy websites and interest groups have seen massive upsurges in membership and participation.  1,669 more words