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Men's Rights elder Paul Elam to #GamerGaters: Pay attention to MEEEEE!

Pity poor Paul Elam! The Men’s Rights elder has spent, by his estimation, nearly half of his life ranting and raving against the supposed evils of feminism, and for what? 377 more words


In which Paul Elam, alleged human rights champion, tells me to kill myself

So that was A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam’s response to a recent post of mine talking about Christopher Cantwell, an AVFM contributor who… 161 more words


My Problem With Paul Elam

I was listening to an AVFM podcast about a month before I had started this weblog. On that podcast, Paul Elam had claimed that a man who needed some assistance from AVFM, would get that assistance through allowing the man to post AVFM articles on his website. 454 more words

Men's Rights

Dirty laundry! Was John Hembling booted from A Voice for Men for criticizing Janet Bloomfield and Stefan Molyneux?

Longtime observers of A Voice for Men have been wondering for some time why John “The Other” Hembling has vanished from that site. Hembling, once the site’s Editor in Chief and number two figure, was not at AVFM’s much ballyhooed conference this summer, and his name has mysteriously vanished from the masthead. 796 more words


A Voice for Men publishes an article so extreme and hateful that it makes even Paul Elam gag

Yesterday, A Voice for Men published an article so extreme, so hateful, so beyond the pale, that even Paul Elam, the site’s founder, was taken aback by it. 572 more words