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Two Peas In A Pod Or Perhaps Conjoined Twins Separated At Birth...

Being on opposing sides of the feminist/men’s rights debate raging on the internet David Futrelle and Paul Elam are remarking similar in the practice of censorship on both of their blogs: We Hunted The Woolly Mammath and A Voice for Men. 63 more words

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They’re Back

One of the better ideas that came out of A Voice for Men – AVfM –  in regards to activism was the Register-her website. On which the pictures and profiles of feminist  protesters who engaged in disruptive and violent intimidation tactics, used against the guests and invited speakers of a men’s right’s group on a college campus in Canada. 192 more words

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The Hypocrisy of Men's Rights Activists In Regards to Censorship...

One of the reasons I have a hard time supporting AVfM and other Men’s Rights Activists has to do with their BLATANT HYPOCRISY in regards to censorship. 181 more words

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Janet Bloomfield: The world's least convincing liar is now trying to smear me

Janet Bloomfield’s antifeminist smear campaign continues apace. Yesterday I wrote about her disgraceful attack on feminist writer Jessica Valenti, in which Bloomfield made up offensive statements and attributed them to Valenti in a malicious attempt to malign her reputation. 1,230 more words


The Diversity of Intolerance

Disagree with a feminist male or female and you will be labeled as a misogynist  – of hating women…

Disagree with an African-American or other minority and you will be labeled as a racist… 146 more words

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AVfM and Activism - What Activism?

It has been claimed by those who support A Voice for Men – a privately owned website that promotes its version of the Men’s Rights Movement owned and operated by Paul Elam – that the Men’s Movement had been getting no where fast because Men’s Rights Activists were playing nice. 584 more words

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Intellectual Tyranny

Intellectual tyranny – or intellectual rape – occurs when the self appointed leader (s) of a group require their members to subscribe – conform – to a set of rules and intellectual values without thinking. 134 more words

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