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The Secret Ingredient to Success

After reading the article that inspired this post on what it takes to be a writer, I was reminded of something I read several years ago on the most important predictor of success. 701 more words


Secrets in Blockchain and Mesh networks

This blog post was motivated by the article that I read over the weekend written by Gary Sharma in the Wall Street Journal Accelerator section, titled “ 323 more words


In tech start-ups, there are no tricks to success

I love this essay from Paul Graham of Y Combinator. It’s chock full of truths, as Paul’s essays typically are, and I encourage you read the whole thing. 706 more words


Module Briefing

Professional Frameworks III: Photography Briefing:

The aim of the Professional Frameworks III module is in many way to act as a bridge between the study and learning over the previous years and the coming year, and what comes after. 942 more words

Academic Study

Are you growing at 5% - 7% every week?

Startups need to grow, it is a simple goal. Growth is life for a startup, knowing what to do to grow is not so simple. Knowing your business and building a product or service to achieve Product to Market fit is a difficult but not an impossible task when you get your startup out of the gate. 475 more words


50 Quotes from Paul Graham on Counterintuitive Parts of Startups, and How to Have Ideas

From How to Start a Startup — Lecture 3

This collection of Paul Graham quotes are all from the third lecture. While there is great advice applicable to all startup enthusiasts, please note that this particular lecture was especially targeted to college students. 1,021 more words


These beautiful works of art were made using algorithms

The precise location of the boundary between art and science has been in dispute for as long as there have been arts and sciences. With the rise of computer science as a mainstream vocation, the debate has taken on new life. 637 more words