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Emacs way - copying text

In Emcas if you want to copy a region of text from one file to another then you can just press {C-space} as beginning of copying and then take your cursor to the point till where you want to copy. 1,259 more words


Curation Project

A photographer’s career can be very demanding and there is a great amount of work that goes into the photos they create, especially when their images need to be displayed at an exhibition. 1,045 more words

Curating Exhibitions

경쟁에 대한 자세

Startup을 시작할 때, 경쟁에 대한 자세. Paul Graham의 문답에서 얻는 교훈이 있다.

Startup, 그 중에서도 IT industry에서의 경쟁은 사업 성패에 있어 정작 중요한 것이 아니라는 것.


The Significance of Transparency

I stumbled across the GNU/Linux Distribution Timeline when I was reading about forking. I’ve considered the importance of transparency of communication for some time now and have identified that a primary attribute of the internet which underscores its value is that it enables people to evaluate and criticize the legitimacy of thoughts/ideas/projects in order to identify weaknesses in thought construction in order to foster the progression of stronger arguments/theses/final products.  436 more words


How much math you need for programming

Whenever I wanted to learn Algorithms, Mathematics used there somehow seemed to be an obstacle. I admit my Math is not that good but it ain’t that bad either but this “ain’t bad” level of knowledge was not enough to learn Algorithms and the time and space complexities involved and comparisons of sorting and searching techniques which are at the heart of measuring performance of computer programs. 1,822 more words


'Image as Text'

Curation Project
December 2014

The process of selecting, testing and developing an idea of structuring a show of previous existing photography work around a theme or position, was a brief proposed to us today. 279 more words


Mean People Fail; 1-Dec-2014

I quite liked the idea of today’s article – that successful startup founders are generally not-mean and that success and meanness may share an inverse correlation when it comes to entrepreneurship. 107 more words

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