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L'impossibilité de prédire justement l'avenir impose une "brutale ouverture d'esprit"

Pour faire état de la difficulté à prédire l’avenir – dans nos métiers comme de façon générale – il n’est nulle besoin de convoquer la très-à-la-mode… 221 more words


Making Your Photography Important

How do we develop photography projects? I believe it is important to immerse oneself in the work. To identify WHY you are photographing this chosen subject. 241 more words

Paul Graham

What The Heck Even Is A Startup?

When my cofounder Tim & I were first laying out our concept for Whttl, we knew we wanted it to be a place where users could discover and engage with new and exciting, geographically based products like Instacart, Uber, and Munchery. 743 more words


Curation project

For my curation project some while back, I worked individually examining images from different photographers, to find out the meaning which is behind those certain photos. 472 more words

Beyond Caring

Where the good ideas come from?

Thanks to search engines such as Google and Yahoo, whenever you need some answers these are ready. If you search for “where good ideas come from”, you will instantly get results. 436 more words


Do mean people tend to fail as entrepreneurs?

Paul Graham, a computer programmer, venture capitalist and wise essayist, wrote recently that mean people almost never succeed in starting successful businesses.

There is some evidence that some types of business, such as financial speculation, attract… 395 more words


Traces of Time 'the decisive moment' notes (Photography 1, ID 513323)

What are photographers trying to show us in ‘decisive moments’? Something that happens too fast for the naked eye to see? Or perhaps drawing our attention to some small detail easily missed that has some unique quality for a brief moment in time – perhaps a shadow, or a maybe an act of serendipity as was the case for… 317 more words

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