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Ban on bear hunting helps drive Maine voters to polls

Nearly 6 in 10 Maine voters cast a ballot this year, giving the state of Gov. Paul LePage and thousands of bears the highest voter turnout in the nation. 313 more words


Must have been a Tough Year

Had to do a little maintenance to WordPress this morning and notice that I hadn’t blogged for about a year. Oops! We have been busy with family, friends, financial planning, a little travel and plenty of good old hard work at the office. 269 more words


Kaci Hickox: Secretly Snoozing the 15-Minute Alarm

Well, Kaci Hickox is at it again. When I say at it, I’m referring to stirring up some gratuitous controversy. The Mainer nurse who traveled to western Africa in order to care for young Ebola patients is now publicly criticizing both New Jersey Gov. 604 more words


Kaci Hickox: 'Stop Calling me the 'Ebola Nurse' — Now!'

Kaci Hickox, the health worker who objected to the conditions of her quarantine upon returning from west Africa, is now objecting to being called “the Ebola Nurse” in a new op-ed that accuses state politicians of cynically manipulating public fears for political gain. 57 more words

Maine Slashes State Aid For Cities That Give Welfare to Illegal Aliens: Oregon Prohibits Driving Licenses To Criminal Aliens!

Paul LePage is sending a message to Washington: putting Americans over illegal aliens is a winning strategy.

Fresh off a stunning re-election in a three-way race for Maine’s governor, Paul LePage is not wasting any time making good on a major campaign promise: to slash funds for cities who give welfare to illegal aliens. 486 more words


"The Most Terrifying Of All": Is It Time to Be Afraid of Scott Walker?

One of the silver linings Democrats were looking for on Tuesday was the possibility that some particularly nasty Republican governors might be shown the door. The most repellent had to be Maine’s thuggish Paul LePage, who due in large part to an independent candidacy will enjoy four more years to embarrass and immiserate the people of that fine state. 408 more words


Le Deluge

Defeat is not a calamity if the losers learn from their mistakes and change their approach for the next round. The question is whether the Democrats will do that. 794 more words