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Jim Self interviews Jonathan Robinson . . . on how to be happy.

This is a interview by Jim Self concerning depression — and happiness — that I serendipitously happened across on my desktop this morning. Jim’s guest is Jonathan Robinson, and while I don’t agree that under-three-minutes efforts likely will solve problems, I’m certainly open to learning what I can.  7 more words


Top 5 reasons to Switch to Easy Taxi ☺

In this high-tech day and age the world is into, it is not only food, clothing, books shoes, or other apparels we can order and purchase online. 722 more words


Turned to rock by a serpent and evil spirits.

Had another dream. It was an Eastern Dragon and it consumed a man by twisting his head off. The head went up in a cloud of smoke. 362 more words


Paul Levy on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict in Gaza

Hi Everyone,

I’m completely in the middle of writing my next book; the plan is to have it out sometime in 2015. I hope one day soon, maybe in the next few months, to be sending out an excerpt. 252 more words